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Our holiday walking grades


These are active sightseeing holidays where you will get to visit iconic city landmarks on foot, whilst outside the towns and cities you may visit wineries or take a short foray into the countryside.

Mixes active sightseeing with short city or countryside walks.

The National Parks, beaches and rainforest of Sri Lanka are typical examples of places you will enjoy visiting in one holiday.

Any walks will take up to 2 hours and any ascents or descents will be taken at a leisurely pace.

Easy countryside walking with plenty of breaks, normally taking up the whole day.

Most of these holidays have an element of sightseeing.

You are unlikely to walk more than 6 miles and the cumulative ascents and descents will be gradual and range from minimal to 300m.


Full and half day walks at a moderate pace over hilly terrain.

Most of these holidays have an element of sightseeing as well.

Half day walks will probably involve about 3 hours of walking, with full day walks having around 5 hours. Expect ascents and descents of up to 600m.

Full day walks with moderate amounts of ascent and descent.

The paths are mostly good, but there may be some steep and rough ground.

Walks will last up to 6 hours and could involve as much as 750m of ascent and descent. Some walks will be less demanding.

Full day walks with appreciable amounts of ascent and descent.

These walks are in more remote areas such as Andorra or northern Portugal.

Similar to Grade 5, but with most of the walks at the upper level of ascent/descent, time and distance.


Stamina is the key to these holidays, which will typically be in the Alps or the Dolomites.

There is plenty of ascent and descent over rough and steep ground, so a steady foot and a good head for heights is advisable.

Expect about 800 - 1000m of cumulative ascent and descent each day.

Hard mountain walking every day in the Alps, the Balkans and the Pyrenees, with long ascents, descents and scrambling.

Stamina and a good head for heights are essential.

Distances will probably not exceed 12 miles, but cumulative ascents and descents will normally be between 1000 and 1500m each day.

This is a Grade 9 challenging holiday. It will include hard mountain walking every day with long ascents and descents and scrambling. Stamina and a good head for heights is essential. Distances will probably not exceed 12 miles, but ascents and descents will normally be between 1,000 and 1,500m. Some days may be very short in distance, but the terrain will be very demanding. Expect long and exhilarating days. This holiday involves technical mountaineering and may include the use of ice-axes, crampons, slings, ropes and karabiners where necessary and as such, the holiday will be led by qualified mountain guides. See the 'Proposed Itinerary' section for more information. 

Your holiday, your way.

On a Ramblers Walking Holiday it doesn’t matter where you want to go or what your preferred style of walking is – we have a holiday to suit. Whether you want to bound across the countryside, stroll along a scenic coastal path, head for the hills for an energetic hike, or tackle a combination of different walks, we have holidays to match all moods and abilities. Be sure to check the individual holiday information sheet for more details of the walking grade and specific walks you might do on each holiday. 

You can also read this useful blog article, written by one of our tour leaders, about how to choose the right grade holiday, to suit you, click here to read more 

We divide our holidays into three basic types, with nine different grades. 

Leisurely Holidays - Grades 1-3

Feel the sun on your face as you tour the magical canals of Venice, discovering tucked-away treasures and iconic landmarks. Amble around the villages of the Lake District, stopping off for a sumptuous slice of cake and a warming hot drink. Taste the local vintages as you visit award-winning Bodegas in the Alpujarras. Or set out on a journey of solace and spirituality as you explore the paradise islands of Indonesia. Our Leisurely holidays are just perfect for when you want to linger a little longer, while taking in city sights and scenic landscapes. Or you could try one of our Adagio Holidays if you'd like to explore at a more gentle pace. 

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Walking Holidays at a Moderate Pace - Grades 4-6

Look out to stunning sea views as you follow remote coastal paths in Majorca. Meander through flower-filled meadows in Madeira. Explore moorlands shrouded in mystery in the Peak District. Breathe in the scent of lavender as you hike the wild coast of the Caribbean, or catch your breath as you stand beside a mountain tarn in Morocco. Our Moderate holidays are great for those who love to ramble in the great outdoors. 

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Challenging Walking Holidays - Grades 7-9

Test yourself as you scramble across spectacular ridges in the Lake District. Revel in a sense of achievement as you stand atop Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain peak. Peer out across a snow capped Alpine range in the heart of the Dolomites. Or take on a demanding hike over steep and tough terrain in the Balkans or Andorra. Our Challenging holidays will suit those who enjoy an energetic pace and exhilarating views. 

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For your safety and comfort, it’s vital that you bring proper outdoor clothing and footwear appropriate to the nature of your holiday and well as choosing a holiday appropriate to your fitness levels and capability. Our holidays include everything from sightseeing the cultural cities of Europe to high altitude trekking and mountain hutting, on all continents and in all seasons. If appropriate, we provide more additional detailed information on clothing specific to your chosen holiday in our Holiday Information Sheets, downloadable from the individual holiday pages. 

Please click the read more link and visit the Holiday Health & Safety FAQ section to learn more.