About Us

About Us

Journey beyond the trodden path where authentic adventures await


You don’t have to climb a mountain to enjoy a stunning view.  We’ve discovered the best routes, paths and trail our world has to offer and created itineraries to showcase them in great holidays.

As one of the pioneers of overseas adventure travel, we’ve decades of experience in putting together holidays to explore the world’s great outdoors and our passion and commitment to explore and protect the destinations we visit has remained unchanged since our first holidays over 70 year ago.

We travel and tread softly in small guided groups with your travelling companions coming from all walks of life and sharing your desire to discover great things. We don’t just want to take you to a destination; we want to immerse you in it and to develop long term relationships with the places and communities we visit. You’ll get to see not only the big ‘must see’ highlights but also the less discovered places, you’ll get a feel for the history and culture that’s shaped the country as you see it today and you’ll taste the food the way the locals do it.

We’re committed to responsible tourism initiatives both at home and overseas, support local and global charities and approach all that we do ethically; we’ve even reinstalled the waterwheel in our former flour-mill offices to power our computers.

We're governed and regulated by ABTA, AITO and IATA and hold an ATOL from the CAA, ensuring you get a service you can trust.

The world's more beautiful on foot.


A Social Enterprise

Since our earliest days, we’ve offered something different.

From the first opening of our doors in 1946, our purpose has been to facilitate access to the world’s great outdoors and to generate funds to support charitable purposes and projects both in the UK and in our destinations. We aim to promote the human benefits of experiencing access to the countryside and landscapes and an appreciation of both the fragility of our planet’s open and wild spaces and the lives and culture of the local people who live in the places we visit.

The company began life as a part of The Ramblers Association, now simply The Ramblers, with a view to encourage the peacetime spirit of discovery of Europe’s mountainous landscapes and generate funds to support its campaigning and encourage participation in its local walking groups around the country.

Although separating from The Ramblers when it achieved charitable status in 1970, the organisation’s purpose and philosophy remained unchanged. All profits generated from the organisation’s holiday operations which are not required to be ploughed back into the company are invested into our charitable trust and other environmental and conservation projects.

We continue to support The Ramblers at a national level through disbursements though the Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust and at local walking group level through our Walking Partnership initiative.

Our Heart & Sole venture, driven by the passions of our office staff to make a real difference to the local people living in the places to which we travel, supports small projects in the developing destinations we visit.

We seek to enable the traveller to discover the essence of their destination and gain an appreciation of its beauty, importance and vulnerability. We feel that the most important starting point to be able to protect the environment is to be out in it to gain an understanding of its value and appreciate the potential loss should it be threatened.

Travel enriches the lives of the traveller and has the potential to boost those living in the communities travelled to. We recognise that that it is unreasonable for local communities to maintain their traditional lifestyles and, at times, primitive living conditions for the benefit of tourists and that everyone should have the right to improved living conditions and more comfortable lifestyles.

Our Mission Statement, “To generate funds for walking charities by providing outstanding outdoor activity holidays worldwide” is a written declaration of the organisation’s core social and environmental purpose and focus, and it communicates a sense of intended direction to the entire organisation.


Discover the Holiday Magic

Disconnect. Discover. Experience.

Travel should be a personal journey of discovery and experience where you go to be challenged, to see things differently and to engage with your destination. However today, despite there being more opportunity and value than ever before, it’s increasingly difficult to have a meaningful travel experience. The holiday magic happens when you experience something novel and unexpected and when you get out of your comfort zone to some degree.

It can be easy to simply look at online travel agencies and see what they offer. To see what’s cheap. What the machine recommends. But with their recommendations driven by algorithms or who’s paying the highest commission level they’ll tend to either encourage you to see what their mechanised and engineered processes suggest. The machines say something is popular, so what they suggest becomes popular.

Social media and the drive to see the ‘must see’ views from famous viewpoints also has its impact. It’s been questioned whether an experience actually exists unless it’s been posted on social media. It’s an increasing challenge for today’s traveller to disconnect and walk away from the crowds.

We like to use the tools that today’s technology offers to manage your holidays. But we make full use of the decades of experience in our office, amongst our tour leaders and offered by our local partners when planning and promoting our itineraries.

On many holidays, we’ll make sure you see the sights you’ve just got to see, but we’ll also show you the less well known but no less remarkable ones. You’ll also experience something different, something you hadn’t read about or seen on Instagram. We can take you as little or as far out of your comfort zone as you like. You’ll do what you’ll enjoy and what you don’t yet know you’ll enjoy. You’ll do things you can do and be amazed that you can do.

We love to talk about our holidays, about travel and about personal adventures. If you know what you want, book your holiday online. If you’d like to talk about your comfort zone and doing something different, give us a call.


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