We believe the best bird watching holidays are the ones where you don’t just get to see exotic birds of all kinds – but the ones where you also get a real sense of the environments they live in, and their preferred habitats.

These are great holidays for our feathered friend enthusiasts. Led by a Ramblers Holiday leader and an expert birding guide you'll join a small group for an up close and in depth birding holiday. From the rugged and remote islands of the Orkneys which has more RSPB reserves than anywhere else in Britain, to Sri Lanka, a naturalists paradise with over 400 species of outstanding birdlife, to the West Indies and the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, where you can follow forest and coastal trails, observing the islands speciality species of birds and wildlife.

On every walk you’ll be provided with access to a Swarovski Optik 60x magnification telescope enabling you and your group to not only hear unfamiliar birdsong, but see some new and fascinating species in their natural habitat.  Observing the birds’ interesting behaviour in stunning surroundings has never been easier on your bird watching holiday.

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Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands have something for everyone. There's stunning coastal walking, fascinating history, World Heritage archaeological sites and beautiful scenery.

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Trinidad & Tobago

Beautiful bird watching and leisurely exploration in tropical Trinidad and Tobago.

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