Our Walking Holidays in Bolivia

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ small, friendly groups offer the ideal way to explore Bolivia on foot, the extraordinary country at the heart of South America. Walk with us through this amazingly diverse land and you will be rewarded with awesome natural beauty, an ancient and rich cultural heritage, and truly memorable experiences in this unique and fascinating destination.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to Bolivia?

From the endless azure waters of Lake Titicaca framed by snow-capped mountains, through the surreal landscapes, multi-coloured lakes and sleeping volcanoes of the Southern Altiplano, to bustling melting-pot colonial cities, Bolivia natural wonders are as stunning as they are diverse. Perhaps the most amazing is Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, where a dazzling sheet of white meets the clearest of blue skies, punctuated only by strange rock formations and islands of giant cacti in a sea of salt. Here in this bizarre landscape, you’ll even stay in a hotel made entirely of salt!

There is huge diversity too in Bolivia’s history and culture, with thousands of years of different religious beliefs, peoples, languages and customs overlaid with Spanish colonialism, resulting in an intriguing and colourful multicultural blend. You’ll visit Sun Island on Lake Titicaca, birthplace of the Inca empire, and Tiahuanaco, the largest pre-Hispanic city in the Americas.

Let Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ expert and enthusiastic guides introduce you La Paz, the City of Peace, the most spectacularly located city imaginable, clinging to the steep sides of a bowl-like canyon – a lively city that is a joy to explore on foot. Sucre, the official capital, with its whitewashed colonial centre and ornate churches, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our guides will help you make the most of your stay in Potosi, the city whose silver resources funded the Spanish conquistadores, where the “Cerro Rico” or “Rich Mountain” is still a working silver mine that may be visited.

On your hikes, you’re sure of a warm welcome from the Bolivian people too, who are always delighted to greet visitors to the unique and distinctive land they are so justly proud of.

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