Solo & Single Travellers

Solo Travellers & Single Rooms

Travelling Solo but not alone

Joining a small group, led and brought together by a trained and qualified tour leader, to explore the great outdoors, must be one of the most sociable holiday experiences possible. We can walk away from the crowds and safely visit areas you might not feel comfortable to discover on your own, without being in a conspicuous large group.

Our holidays are ideal for those travelling alone, and about half of those holidaying in our groups are single travellers. During your holiday you will be made to feel welcome with like minded travelling companions from diverse backgrounds and walks of life and can make lasting friendships with people who share a passion for experiencing new destinations, walking and outdoor life.

Group members come from a wide range of backgrounds, are adults of all ages and tend to gel together quickly. Mealtimes are relaxed and sociable occasions, providing the opportunity to discuss the day’s events and tomorrow’s schedule. On holidays where all meals are not included, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself.

Many solo travellers return to us year after year which is a great testimony to the appeal of our holidays to those travelling by themselves. Our small informal groups usually include a significant proportion of single travellers and are a fun, safe and sociable way to hit the trail and explore the world. Over the ice-breaking first evening's dinner you and your travelling companions will begin to gel into a relaxed group with which to share the experiences of your holiday.

You won't be alone except when you want to be, and even when all meals aren't included, you won't be left to fend for yourself.

You can often avoid paying a single supplement too if you are willing to share a twin room with another group member of the same sex, as we can accommodate this on most holidays. And if we are unable to find you a suitable sharer, we may allocate you a single room at no additional cost.

Hotels, huts and cruise liners

You can choose a single room for privacy or often, as many hotels still levy a single supplement, opt to share a twin room with another group member of the same sex at no additional cost.

More Information

For more information take a look at the Single & Sole Occupancy Rooms and Room Sharing Etiquette below for more advice.

Take a look at our holidays with No Single Room Supplement on all or selected departures.


Single & Sole Occupancy Rooms

We have a good number of sole occupancy rooms throughout our programme and some of these incur no supplement.

Our allocation of single and sole occupancy rooms is however ultimately limited, as are the number of rooms without supplement, so do book early to avoid disappointment.

Regrettably the hotels we use usually charge room supplements and although a room for sole occupancy guarantees privacy, it may well be smaller, sometimes a little less well appointed and may contain a single, double or twin beds.

Should our allocation of room without supplement, or with a relatively low supplement, already be booked, we may be able to obtain additional single rooms or even allocate a twin or double for sole use, however a supplementary cost may be levied.

If you are booking online for holidays advertised with no sole occupancy supplement, please do not assume that if you book a twin room this will be for sole use.


Room Sharing Etiquette

When opting to share a room with a travelling companion of the same sex, most sharers develop an instant rapport with their roommate, often leading to strong friendships both during and after the holiday.

However there are a few points to bear in mind to ensure a harmony whilst sharing with a stranger.

If you are a smoker and smoking is permitted in the hotel you must agree to a non-smoking policy in the room as a courtesy to your room sharer.

Please also endeavour to:

• maintain good levels of tidiness and avoid the tendency to spread out too much
• travel reasonably light – you and your room-mate both need to unpack, hang-up and put away
• keep mobile phone usage to a minimum particularly during normal sleep hours
• similarly don’t keep the lights on to read until the early hours
• don’t hog the power sockets when recharging your gadgets
• keep the noise down, particularly if your sharer isn’t an early riser, use earphones if listening to music or watching a movie on your iPad
• don’t use all the towels; leave the bathroom as you’d like to find it
• remember that others might not be as chatty as you – keep the conversation light
• return to your room quietly if you’re a night owl or like a few drinks at the bar before turning in
• stay positive – there may be glitches, if you need to complain, complain to your tour leader rather than your roommate
• bear in mind that your roommate might not be quite as modest or uninhibited as you when changing
• adhere to accepted norms of personal hygiene and behaviour


Snoring and other concerns…

Should you be a loud snorer, be particularly fastidious or suffer any condition which may cause distress to a prospective roommate, we recommend that you book single occupancy accommodation.


If it just doesn’t work out

Most room sharers enjoy the company of their rooming companion and quickly work out a routine to ensure they get along without any disharmony.

In the unlikely event that should you find yourself unable to continue sharing with your allocated roommate or due to your behaviour they are unable to continue sharing with you, we regret that we cannot accept any additional costs resulting from the provision of alternative or additional accommodation.