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Traversing Two Nations: Hadrian's Wall Walk

Thu, 03 Feb 2022

For those looking to venture across the scenic countryside, a Hadrian’s Wall walk may be one to consider.

You can find Hadrian's wall sat between England and Scotland in a historically encapsulated 73-mile coast-to-coast stretch. Constructed in the 2nd century by Emperor Hadrian and once clad with Roman soldiers, the wall acted as the primary northern defense of the Roman Empire. 

Scenic Sights to See

Join us on a journey through history as we trace the steps of soldiers and saunter ruins that capture a time once ruled by one of history's most famous empires. As we amble across this remarkable Roman terrain, you will visit the various archaeological treasures that this scenic excursion has to offer, such as the Temple of Mithras, Carlisle Castle, and many more.

Chesters Roman Fort

Towards the eastern side of the wall, you will find Chesters Roman cavalry Fort, a well-preserved archaeological gem nestled into the historic plains. Chesters Fort is in fact so well preserved that it’s considered the most in-tact Roman fort in Britain. The fort is said to hold up to 500 cavalry troops and did so for around 300 years.

Step into a pair of caligae and amble around the historic ruins as you discover well-preserved steam rooms and roman office quarters, all picturesquely located over the North Tyne river.

Carrawburgh Temple of Mithras

The Temple of Mithras is one of the most interesting, yet unheard-of sights along Hadrian's wall, nestled near Carrawburgh Roman Fort.

Constructed in the 3rd Century, the temple played a significant role in the religious practices of the Roman Empire, as many Roman soldiers became devout to the sun god, Mithras, as such the Temple served as a primary place of worship to Mithras.

To this day the ruins of the temple still stand, and inside several Mithraic altars discovered during excavations can be found. 

Poltross Burn

One of Hadrian's Wall’s most preserved milecastles is Poltross Burn. 

Larger than most and better known as the king’s stables in Roman times, the castle accommodated many Roman soldiers, as it is said that over 2000 soldiers were needed to patrol the wall. 

During your Hadrian’s Wall walk, we’ll venture through the Roman ruins where you can still find preserved remnants of ovens where cavalry prepared their meals, staircases that once led to the ramparts of Hadrian's Wall, two sets of military barracks, and several turrets.

Carlisle Castle

Standing strong for over nine centuries, Carlisle Castle is a perfectly preserved monument of history and heritage. 

Take a step into land once home to the king’s royal border regiment. Carlisle Castle has lived through many ages, from being the hotspot for many wars and invasions, the castle became the final English fortress to undergo a siege. 

We take a slow, and steady amble through this iconic tale of the ages, so you can truly experience the inspiring sights it has to offer.

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