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Stunning Scenery Across Lake Iseo

Sat, 16 Jan 2016

Walking from Iseo 16 – 23 September, 2012

Ramblers Lament

Nothing could be sweeter
than walking out with Peter
‘cept Rambling down the valley
ably led by Sally.

We follow them where’re they go. How the time does fly.
It really would be heaven if they didn’t go so high.

We’ve conquered Monte Gelato, gone round Lago Vino twice.
We’ve paused to dine on bread and cheese and beer as cold as ice.

We’ve had no time to stop and stare. I’m sure we went past Rome.
Oh how we’ll tell of all our woes once we’ve caught our breath at home.

They’ve got us up to mountain tops of which we were afraid.
Unrelentingly fun and sociable, they’re well above the grade.

We’ve aches and blisters everywhere and now it’s time to part
another pain we’ll add to these. A sadness in the heart.

Notes to The Ramblers Lament

1) Sally and Peter are both excellent leaders. They took the D & D+ walks at Iseo.
2) Some walks go high, others don’t. It’s a good varied programme.

3) The Ice Cream at the Albergo Piramidi at Zone is marvellous. I had two large ones just to make sure. There are some good wines in the area. I recommend the Valtellina from the hotel and the Marzemino from the supermarket. The supermarket also makes good sandwiches. The beer was after the walk and very welcome.

4) There was plenty of time on the D grade walks and although D+ walks set a fair pace we had time to stare on them too. The cunning cultured could catch an early or late train to or from the walk to do a little sightseeing round the towns. Our breath was as likely to be taken by the views as the climbs.
5) Corna Trentapassi was our classic climb and all the D+ and most of the D group made it fearlessly to the top. If I’ve one regret it’s that the D+ walk which I joined left no time for the Pizza which the D’s enjoyed. It’s the leaders not the walks who are above grade.

6) The aches and blisters are poetic licence. The sadness is soon dispelled by turning to the brochure and planning the next trip or by basking in the warmth of the iphotos as they download.