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Self Discovery on a Solo Holiday

Thu, 17 Feb 2022

Venturing off into the world all by yourself may seem daunting to some, however, more modern travel enthusiasts are opting for solo holidays as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, leaving behind the demands of daily life and enriching their lives through new and unique experiences.

If you’re still on the fence, here are four of the best benefits that solo travel has to offer. 

It’s all about you

Whereas you may be jetting off solo, you can rest assured that you’ll be among kindred spirits when a part of our travel pods. We amble with travellers from all walks of life, each with a passion for experience, allowing you to develop unique and passion-fuelled friendships every step of the way.

Travelling alone not only frees the shackles of responsibility, it also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to experiencing what the world has to offer, at your own selflessly selfish pace. 

Fancy spending another few hours in a culturally encapsulated coastal town? Go for it! Not quite done drinking in a sunset vista? Drink up. The time is yours to spend, scrap the planner, liberate yourself from the hands of the clock and invest in some real you-time. 

You get to know yourself

Modern life does a great job at keeping us occupied, with work on the constant go and maintaining a healthy social life. It's easy to get buried in a pile of responsibilities and lose ourselves a little.

On a solo holiday, you’ll have all the time in the world to just be. Exploring new places and experiencing new things allows you to disengage from the daily, slow down, and indulge in the moments that matter.

You’ll discover new interests, gain a taste for unique cuisine, and fall in love with the culture, learning something new about yourself every step of the way on a solo holiday.

It’s a huge confidence boost

Stepping out of your comfort zone and navigating a foreign country can be exciting as it can be intimidating. However, traversing foreign terrain and getting to know a new place can be extremely rewarding.

You’ll be among many like-minded trekkers on your walking holiday, and with the scenic routes we take, there will be plenty for you all to talk about. 

Engaging in conversation with strangers has great benefits to your social confidence, it allows you to develop your communication skills and learn more about the world as you share previous experiences, while making new ones together.

You’ll be self-sufficient

Discovering somewhere new is always fun, the unfamiliarity provides a sense of eagerness and interest that fuels the adventurer within you.

Venturing into the unknown can be fearsome as much as it can be fun, however, once you’ve conquered any fear of the unknown you’ll soon realise that you can do just about anything.

Any task that presents itself after a solo holiday will feel like a walk in the park, as travelling solo allows you to put your priorities first and understand just how self-sufficient you can be. 

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Travelling solo has an absolute plethora of benefits, experience them for yourself on a solo holiday with ramblers walking holidays and begin your journey of self-discovery today.