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Memorable Mountain Breaks: Exploring Snowdonia

Thu, 03 Feb 2022

Sun-kissed horizons, lake-laden horseshoes, and cloud skirting peaks enrich this pocket of northwest wales, all of which can be seen on our scenic walks in wales.

With so much to see and a range of mountains to cover, here’s our guide to some of the best and most memorable sights that Snowdonia has to offer. 

The Carnedd Horseshoe 

The Carnedd Horseshoe is a classic and traditional 14.2km Snowdonia walk that circles around the idyllic mountain range.

A steep climb ascends from the east end of Llyn Ogwen as you head up to a scenic ridge walk. As you amble across the 1000m high ridges, you’ll experience breathtaking views of Tryfan and the gliders, with some light scrambling involved on the way back round after Carnegg Llewelyn, that may be loose at times but the amble is very rewarding. 

North Glyder Ridge

Often missed but remarkably memorable is the North Glyder Ridge walk. 

As you traverse your way across the ascending ridges, you will witness hidden gems along the way like the Llyn Idwal, a small lake nestled into the mountain range offering stunning crater-like views and tranquil ambience. 

Passing the Penrhyn Quarry, the last operating commercial slate quarry in Bethesda, we’ll see the reservoirs that lead to the pump storage power station and Llanberis Mine where you’ll find the tunnel entrance to the station built into the mountainside.

We’ll venture over peaks like the Y Garn, a 3106ft high peak that kisses the clouds, and the Elidir Fawr, an idyllic peak that overlooks cloud-cast lakes. 

Devils Kitchen

Possibly one of the most stunning sights that Snowdonia has to offer, Devil’s kitchen is nestled perfectly into the Ogwen Valley and is given its name thanks to a plume of smoke rising from the cracks within the mountain face, which is said to be where the devil is cooking. 

The snow-capped mountains tower over a still lake in a rocky cascade that glistens in the reflection of a sun-bled sky, creating a breathtaking vista in the very heart of the Ogwen Valley with numerous trials for your sightseeing pleasures. 

The Summit of Tryfan 

The summit of Tryfan is one of the most famous landmarks of Snowdonia, famous for its twin monoliths, Adam and Eve, which attract thousands of amblers and trekkers every year.

It's said those who clear the gap between the two rocks will receive the freedom of Tryfan, as such it has become popular to capture the leap between the two slabs in keeping to historical tradition. 

The summit stands at 917m high and overlooks a scenic landscape of glowing green plains and rippling lakes below, offering a stunning view of the wave-like mountain range that flows along the skyline.

Explore Snowdonia and Book Today

The sights and scenes of Snowdonia simply can’t be fully experienced through words alone, only those who venture into the vast mountain range can truly witness the magnificent landscapes that this wonderous welsh world has to offer. 

So pack your hiking boots, book today, and join us on an unforgettable adventure into the peaks.