Meet some of our holiday experts

Our tour leaders are as passionate about walking and discovering the world as you are. Experienced in leading, usually, but not necessarily in the area of the holiday, each has their own individual style and particular talents. All are first-aid trained, holding walking qualifications commensurate with the holiday grade they lead and often have good foreign languages skills.

They are supported by a back-office team who seek to ensure that you’ve got the best itinerary and all holiday arrangements are in place for you to enjoy.

What is unsurpassed is their wide travel knowledge and commitment to making your holiday as friendly and pleasurable as possible. We’d like to introduce you to some of them below.

Join us Our Leaders are an integral part of our short breaks and holidays and we are always interested in recruiting new leaders with the right experience, qualifications and aptitude. Click here for more information about becoming a leader.

Local Leaders and Guides

We also employ and train some local leaders as well as working with local area guides on many of our long-haul destinations.Native to the area, their friendly welcomes and special insights are hugely popular, adding real character and flavour - and keep our clients coming back for more!

Stephen Allen

Since discovering his passion for walking he has completed a round of the 2000ft hills in England and Wales and is about 4 trips away from completing the Monros. He has travelled extensively with his work, in the entertainment industry and is no stranger to leading walking holidays in the UK. Steve holds a Mountain Leader qualification and has much experience in independent treking in the High Atlas including an ascent of Tubkal.


Misty says 'if you’re taking a human away on holiday you know what makes them happy, and let’s face it, if they’re happy, you’re happy. But enough about them…what about us? I’ve found some walks with excellent puddles and cow-pats you wouldn’t believe. Lakes, rivers, mountains… we’ve got the lot. I’ve spotted rabbits and squirrels in the gardens, and the local canines are full of good advice on where to go. If there is anything you need to know about our Paws on Tour holidays please feel free to contact me'. 

Adrian Flatt

Adrian has travelled widely, working and leading walks in many countries of the world.   Adrian joined Ramblers Worldwide Holidays as a Leader in 2008; wherever he goes he takes a close interest in the language, culture and history of the local people.  A member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation and a keen photographer, his other hobbies have included sailing and gliding.

Marjorie and Mike Duxbury

Marjorie and Mike are experienced walkers they have walked in the Himalayas, Andes, Alps, Pyrenees, Atlas and the Taurus Mountains.  They have led and arranged challenge walks for friends and colleagues for many years.  They are both interested in the world and natural environment and the history and culture of the places they visit.  Mike is a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor and they both believe in the physical and mental benefits associated with Rambling.

Joan Feather

Joan has been leading for RWH since 1999. She took up walking only 5 years earlier, during weekends spent in France, as a way to improve her French. Now she is living in France, leads walks for the French Ramblers Ass (FFRP)  and has lead more than 100 tours for RWH in France and Morocco, the Americas, S. Africa, the Middle East and India. She mostly leads walking holidays but has equal enthusiasm for city tours, such as New York and Nice. She is one of our Adagio Specialists. 

Peter Cooper

He feels that the countryside has much to offer, and Britain has so much variety even in Essex there are dramatic changes in the countryside which you do not notice unless you are walking. Peter likes to share the excitement of all aspects of our countryside and its life with as many people as possible. Even showing his young grand daughter what fun it is exploring on foot is part of the pleasure of walking.

Chris Hutchinson

Chris enjoys Scandinavia, the Alps and northern Europe but finds himself increasingly attracted to the warmth and weather of the Mediterranean.
He hopes that during his tours clients not only get to know and enjoy different landscapes but see them from the perspectives of the people who live there. His favourite thing about leading is seeing a group of smiling people on the last day of the tour.

Paul Sackin

Paul has been leading since 1997. Having had a career as a GP he likes the idea of generalism so does not keep returning to a special favourite place. Instead Paul loves to share his enthusiasm for discovering new places, mainly in Europe.

Stephen Allen
Adrian Flatt
Marjorie and Mike Duxbury
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