Who We Are

Professional, passionate and experienced.

For over seventy years now we have been providing great value small-group guided holidays in spectacular locations around the globe. We’ve a passion for travel and discovery.

Since our early pioneering holidays into the wild and mountain landscapes of Europe, we’ve continued this passion for travel to create and provide holidays on foot to an increasing range of destinations.

We’re all about seeing the world on foot, offering everything from lowland ambles to high mountain trekking, from short sightseeing walks to challenging long distance trails, from adventurous activity holidays to strolling between the museums of renaissance Italy.

Travelling in our small groups, uninsulated from the world you’re visiting by a coach window, allows you to get an up close and personal experience of your destination and to discover the essence of the place you are visiting. You’ll get to see not only the big ‘must see’ highlights but also the less discovered places, you’ll get a feel for the history and culture that’s shaped the country as you see it today and you’ll taste the food the way the locals do it.

We are dedicated to making exploring the world on foot a fantastic and positive experience for everyone, both us as travellers and the locals whose country, culture and lifestyle we’ve come to enjoy. We’re a social enterprise with a not-for-profit ethos where the money we make from operating holidays is channelled back into charities and initiatives to support access to the great outdoors and projects to benefit those living in the less advantaged destinations we visit.

In today’s changing and uncertain world, you need to travel with an organisation you can rely on. You can book your holiday with confidence when you book with Ramblers Walking Holidays. We are regulated by and bonded with a number of governing travel authorities ensuring you get a service you can trust.

The world's more beautiful on foot.