India Walking Holidays

Start off your walking holiday in India enjoying the glorious sunshine, or watching children playing while trains chug past, with steam billowing out of their chimneys at the old hill station of Shimla, which was once the summer capital of the British Colonial Raj. 

Today, Shimla is the gateway to the Himalayan foothills, where the mountain air is crisp and cool, and the landscapes are panoramic. The snowy peaks in the distance here make the perfect background to the deep gorges, pine forests, tumbling rivers, orchard valleys and idyllic villages found in this area. With such an array of contrasting landscapes to discover, walking here is an unparalleled delight.

The immersive Himalayan hills in India are just one of the many excellent routes for avid mountain and hillside walkers. In fact, the Wayanad hill country in Southern India provides hikers with views of vast valleys, vibrant grasslands and fabulous forests; making it a haven for nature lovers and explorers. Meanwhile, the spectacular waterfalls found in the Kodaikanal area (at the top of the Palani range) make for spectacular viewing, with the Bear Shola Falls and the Silver Cascade Falls both being undeniably breathtaking.

However, walking holidays in India don’t just involve hiking up mountain tracks, there’s also a wealth of thriving towns, cities and villages waiting to be visited. These towns, villages and cities vary from the quiet and peaceful, to the bustling and exhilarating, also home to fascinating cultural sites and picturesque surroundings.

Experience watching a Bollywood movie in Mumbai, and take in the colourful and authentic Latin Quarter in Goa, before experiencing a Tuk Tuk ride in Kochi; feeling the ambience of all these remarkable places along the way.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to India?

India’s rich history, glorious scenery and fascinating culture is simply inspiring, which you can experience in the most authentic form by venturing here on a walking holiday. Witness the mystical atmosphere of first light prayers at the Golden Temple of Amritsar and the holiest Sikh shrine. Then, compare this with the ritual of the Beating Retreat sunset ceremony at the Wagah Border - the only crossing between India and Pakistan. 

Southern India is a sensual contrast, where the lush, fertile lands paint a serene setting for relaxed ramblers. You’ll stroll through emerald green plains, undulating hills, tea plantations and shola forests, before exploring inland waterways and waterfalls, and cruising Kerala’s famous backwaters. With all of these incredible, exotic sights and vast landscapes to uncover, there’s a lifetime of stories and memories waiting for you on a Ramblers Walking Holiday in India.

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