Walking Holidays in the Caribbean

Discover the Caribbean on foot, and join a small group on expert-led guided walks and activity trips with Ramblers Walking Holidays.

Each of the Caribbean Islands have their own unique cultures and terrains for walking, which makes each individual enclave fascinating place to visit. So, whether you want to explore one island in depth or visit a few, there are various Caribbean walking holidays available for every level of walker.

Every holiday here is filled with different combinations of islands for you to ramble across; you can even hop across to Mexico, and get a taste for this glorious part of the world. Avid explorers can also jump on a cruise ship and travel around the Caribbean at a relaxed pace, staying in gorgeous beachfront hotels and strolling along the sandy, palm-fringed beaches.

Walking holidays in the Caribbean can take you on strolls through the grassy fields of Sint Maarten, too, then along the blue coves to see interesting rock formations, before experiencing a fusion of French and Dutch culture in its quaint towns. Go island hopping and enjoy the relaxing pace of the Caribbean, while getting to know the unique terrains of each destination on foot and trying out some thrilling adventure activities and hikes, too.


Why Book Caribbean Walking Holidays?

Every island in the Caribbean offers exciting activities for you to try, so you can immerse yourself in local cultures, and explore the glorious trails that wind around each destination. In St. Kitts, travellers can admire the many bird species, choosing between two varied walks which offer breathtaking views, as well as the chance to explore the tropical capital of Basseterre, before moving on to the next island.

The Caribbean is made up of a collection of captivating islands, and our expert leaders know about each of their unique cultures and trails. Through years of experience adventuring in this part of the world, and through direct contact with local experts, they have created immersive itineraries for you to follow, to ensure you really do experience it all during your travels.


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