Gaze out upon row upon row of vines ripening in the golden glow of the midday sun, as the sweet smell of grapes floats through the air, on a refreshing breeze. When you walk in the heart of rural France or through the Alps, you will be rewarded with world renowned wine and gastronomy from each distinctive region.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to France?

From some of the most accessible yet wild mountain peaks in Europe, to winding coastal trails on Corsica, scented with wild rosemary, France has the full range. In Mediterranean Masterpieces, see the light that inspired Matisse and azure seas that have been drawing people in for centuries.

For history and culture look no further than the pilgrimage paths criss-crossing the land. In many places in rural France the experience of the pilgrim has changed little with ancient villages, churches and monasteries effectively unchanged over the centuries.

Walks range from gentle strolls from medieval towns, through to vigorous hikes in the Western Alps and Pyrenees.

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