Walking Holidays in France

Thanks to its vast, varying towns and landscapes, France is a prime destination for walking adventures, with a broad range of routes available for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. From challenging mountainous treks across the spectacular snow-tipped Mont Blanc, to the vibrant and colourful gardens of the French Riviera, walking holidays in France really can cater to every rambler.

If you’re looking for a more tranquil route, why not explore the quaint towns and picturesque villages of France, including the wine villages of Alsace, boasting scenic architecture and tremendous old buildings? Every inch of the walking trails in France are steeped in either spectacular beauty, fascinating culture or remarkable history.

With a wide variety of hikes available to choose from, walks can be as easy or as challenging as you want them to be, ranging from grade three to grade eight. Our holidays are kept to small groups and are all led by one of our expert guides, ensuring everyone enjoys a personal and authentic experience.


Why Book Unique Walking Holidays to France?

Whether you yearn for the rich heritage of Route St Jacques - a journey which takes you past ancient shrines from pilgrims and medieval Conques, or for the sights and sounds of the French Riviera (which can be captured on a walking holiday in Nice), France is an idyllic destination for walkers, offering variety, culture and beauty.

From some of Europe’s most accessible, yet wild mountain peaks, to the winding coastal trails on Corsica - scented with wild rosemary, walking holidays in France offer something for everyone. For history and culture, look no further than the pilgrimage paths criss-crossing the land. In many parts of rural France, the experience of the pilgrim has barely changed, with ancient villages, churches and monasteries being remarkably well-preserved over the centuries.

Walks range from gentle strolls around medieval towns to vigorous hikes in the Western Alps and Pyrenees. Whichever trail you choose, you will be accompanied by one of our expert leaders to help you along the way, who will share their extensive expertise about the route, making our walks as enlightening as they are spectacular.


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