Walking Holidays in Costa Rica

Few places in the world offer such contrasting, scenic beauty as Costa Rica; it presents a unique land of wondrous and exciting tropical geography and wildlife to explore, and for avid ramblers, it’s a walker’s paradise. Here you can journey through this island which rests between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

Walking holidays to Costa Rica are an adventurer’s paradise, an animal lover’s dream and a rambler’s playground; they offer a host of exciting activities, whatever your interests might be. Venture into cloud rainforests, sail across scenic rivers and down volcanic trails to admire tumbling waterfalls, coloured a serene blue by natural minerals.

Alternatively, soak up the relaxed atmosphere at the cultural capital of San José. Here, hikers can venture to the Central Valley to explore coffee plantations, all while tasting local produce. Then, visit one of the most beautiful parts of the country - Monteverde, where you will walk along incredible bridges amongst the treetops.

On each trail you embark on, there will be an abundance of wildlife and curious fauna. In particular, at Rincon de la Vieja you can discover steam vents, mud pools and hot springs, which are a unique feature of this region.


Why Book Walking Holidays to Costa Rica?

Our experienced tour leaders will show outdoors enthusiasts the breathtaking views and intriguing spots sprinkled across Costa Rica, embarking on exciting and engaging itineraries with you. They’ll then lead you off the beaten track to experience heavenly coastal trails and fascinating historical sites, using local and in-depth knowledge from regularly travelling these paths, ensuring you enjoy a trip with security and confidence.

While exploring Costa Rica with us, you can enjoy deserted white sand beaches, which are perfect for strolling along at sunset and walk across a range of idyllic terrains. We cater to all levels of experience, too, from easy gentle paths to exhilarating and challenging hikes through the mountains. By letting us structure your itinerary and showing you the most iconic routes (as well as those mostly untouched by travellers), you will not only take away unforgettable memories, but you can enjoy a stress-free trip with absolute ease.


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