Walking holidays in the USA

When embarking on walking holidays to the USA, you will simply be astounded by the wild places and mesmerising trails scattered across this country. From the burnt orange craters of the Grand Canyon to the shades of autumn creeping into the leaves of the New England woods, experience the natural wonder and urban energy of the New World on one of our unforgettable tours across the USA.

Walk through autumnal trees surrounded by stunning mountain scenery in New England and emerge from the Appalachian Trail, while admiring the swathes of trees marching to the horizon. Alternatively, travel further west and journey through iconic American scenery like the Canyonlands, which are coined as some of the most spectacular landscapes found anywhere on Earth. Plus, the scale of the canyons in these National Parks will take your breath away, especially the mighty Grand Canyon.


Why Book USA Walking Holidays?

Our experienced leaders will guide you through the trails and streets of America, giving you enough time to relax and enjoy some of the best trails and terrains the USA has to offer. Each walking holiday is put together using local knowledge, as well as plenty of in-depth experience hiking within these fantastic landscapes, to create an exciting walking getaway for any rambler to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to get some serious miles under your belt or have a relaxing stroll surrounded by beautiful landscapes, Ramblers Walking Holidays has a host of hiking options for you to take advantage of. So, simply turn up and enjoy tailored trails that wind their way across America, and let us take care of the fine details, including booking plush accommodation and pointing out iconic landmarks and sites along the way.


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