Slovakia is not one of those countries you find that everyone else has already visited. You will discover a scarcely explored destination in the heart of Europe, thriving as an independent state after the break-up of Czechoslovakia, with its own deeply ingrained traditions and folk culture that many European nations have lost. Girdled by impressive mountains and dense forest, Slovakia is simply stunning. Despite its small size, Slovakia offers amazing diversity, with nine national parks home to craggy mountains, deep valleys, waterfall-filled gorges, glacial lakes, hot springs, traditional villages, pine forests and rivers, and the largest karst area in Central Europe, with more than 6,200 caves and chasms. The majestic peaks of the Carpathian mountains (home of endangered species like wolves, lynx, chamois – and especially the European brown bear) offer exceptional walking.

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You definitely won’t find yourself part of a tourist throng, but you will be part of a group of friendly, like-minded people intent on enjoying an authentic walking experience. The expertise and local knowledge of our expert guides will ensure that you make the most of every day walking through the heart of Europe.

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