Walking Holidays in Norway

The fjords of western Norway are one of the world’s natural wonders. Since being cut, carved and sculpted during the ice age, they’ve changed little over the centuries since the Vikings set sail from here on voyages of discovery, trade and conquest. Small farms and colourful fishing villages dot the waterline at the foot of towering mountains and beautiful coastal and cultural cities where the fjord waters meet the ocean.

In recent years, Norway has also become the go-to location to spot the Northern Lights, a dazzling natural wonder which is especially prominent between November and March of each year. A Norway walking holiday gives you the opportunity to spot this glorious sight surrounded by natural beauty, free from light pollution.

Explore the unique beauty of Norway on foot

Norway’s fjordland is still largely wild and untouched. You’ll be overawed. With around 2,000 individual fjords whose waters penetrate up to 200 miles inland, Norway’s coast if stretched into a single line would circle the globe two and a half times. Extending from the North Sea well into the Arctic Circle and to within 800 miles of the North Pole, its scale is such that the only way to scratch its surface is to experience it by sea.

Waterfalls cascade down dark rocks, huge glaciers continue to carve the high ground and as the winter snows melt they’re replaced by the bloom of wild flowers and blossom. The big impressions are gained as hills, cliffs and mountains glide by. Ashore, we take a closer look with walks into the hills, rides on cable railways and explorations of cobbled streets and merchant’s houses alongside the harbour fronts to get a taste of the excitement this wild and beautiful country has to offer.

Combining a cruise and guided walks ashore, it’s clear that Norway’s more beautiful on foot.

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