Hiking Holidays in Nepal

Explore some of the most iconic and sublime mountains on the planet in a small and friendly walking group, on walking holidays in Nepal. Discover the Himalayas rise dramatically through the clouds at the top of the world, and stroll along as they tower above you. Getting up early to enjoy the stunning view of the sky burning pink, and witnessing the rising sun is a sight not to be missed.

Embark on a hiking adventure; grab your walking boots and scale the Himalayas, or make your way around the Annapurna Circuit through pine and alpine tundra, to enjoy panoramic views at the Thorong La mountain pass. Walkers can even glimpse a royal Bengal tiger when exploring the Annapurnas and Chitwan. Then, try a spot of canoeing and meet the Tibetan monks in the peaceful capital city - Kathmandu.


Why Book a Walking Holiday to Nepal?

Ramblers Walking Holidays have vast experience of various established walking routes that wind throughout Nepal’s foothills. Our team offer expert advice and guidance, to aid you with the change in altitude and environment as you get closer to the famous Mount Everest. You and your group will discover the abundance this country has to offer visitors, as well as stunning natural landscapes and incredible culture, equalling to unforgettable trekking. Experience Nepal’s spiritual culture, the friendly Sherpa people, and the majestic Himalayan giants that rub shoulders with the clouds.

You can hardly talk about Nepal without mentioning the iconic Mount Everest Base Camp, where every rambler dreams of going. Savour the snow-capped peaks and the magic of the surrounding mountains, as you make your way up rocky historic trails, exuding majestic, natural beauty. Our guides will prepare you for this once-in-a-lifetime journey, helping to plan a trip filled with plenty of rest days and teachings on how to acclimatise, along with other essential knowledge.

Our walking experts and knowledgeable guides are always attentive to your comfort, as well as your challenges. That’s why we accommodate you in the best hotels and famous tea huts, while revealing the best routes to you, and the incredible landmarks of this glorious country along the way.


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