Travel Insurance Essentials

Travel Insurance

There’s only one thing worse than having to make an insurance claim for some misfortune that may have occurred on holiday – and that’s not being able to make a claim because you’re not suitably insured.

At RWH Travel Ltd we understand this. Travel insurance can help should you become unwell, either before or during your holiday. It can help to protect you financially and it can help to ensure you receive medical care whilst overseas. It can also cover emergency repatriation, should it be deemed necessary.

When embarking on an activity holiday such as with RWH Travel Ltd it is even more important that your insurance cover level is right, which is why we offer a policy that covers a wide range of activities. You can purchase insurance through us or another provider. It is your responsibility to check that your policy is adequate.

We regret that our travel insurance policy is not available for non-UK residents. 

Don’t forget, you cannot participate in our holiday programmes without travel insurance, except for UK residents travelling within the UK. Insurance is essential however for holidays to the Channel Islands.

If you do not intend to take advantage of our policy, it is a condition of booking that you give us details of the alternative cover you have arranged. Ideally this should be by the time you pay the balance of your holiday. We suggest that you check that your policy includes cover for search, rescue and recovery – on our holidays you may be walking where emergency service vehicles may have access difficulties.

We are unable to arrange insurance cover for you after your holiday has started. No refunds will be made should you be excluded from the walking programme through being uninsured or you being unable to demonstrate that you are insured.


Some DOs & DON'Ts

Some of the DOs and DON’Ts of travel insurance

Do make sure you take out your insurance before you travel. It can be very difficult to arrange once your holiday has started. Normally, insurers will not grant cover once a journey has commenced, leaving you exposed to a significant financial risk and a delay in the assistance you may urgently need.

Do make sure that you read your policy document and check that it is suitable for the holiday you're planning to undertake

Do ensure that you take all documentation for your travel policy with you on holiday, especially the emergency assistance telephone number. You won’t be able to participate in our walks or sightseeing without producing your policy to our holiday leader.

Do make sure that you have disclosed any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer when you take out the policy (including yourself and your dependent family).

Do be aware that a ‘low cost’ policy may not provide a level of cover you require; sometimes ‘low cost’ can mean a lower level of cover. Some insurers exclude ‘walking activities’, walking with a guide of any description, and may not provide an adequate altitude limit for your selected holiday.

Do always carry your EHIC within Europe and check that it is current, although it is no substitute for effective travel insurance, many insurers require that you use your EHIC where appropriate.


Don’t think that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary extra expense on top of your holiday cost. In many situations it can at least help you get the assistance and support you need.

Don’t automatically rely on your bank or credit card cover without checking it thoroughly first.

Don’t forget that for UK holidays the NHS will not cover air or sea travel or other repatriation expenses.


RWH Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance we can offer you

We take the issue of travel insurance so seriously that we have arranged a policy through Ageas Insurance Ltd, designed to help protect you and your holiday.

See our RWH Travel Insurance advice for more details.

You must be adequately insured to join our holidays (although travel insurance is optional for UK citizens holidaying in the UK except for holidays to the Channel Islands).

You should be aware that it is very difficult to obtain travel insurance once you holiday arrangements have commenced.