The Ramblers & The Walking Partnership

The Walking Partnership

In 2011, to provide direct funding to grass-roots walking groups, many of which are affiliated to The Ramblers, we created The Walking Partnership, an initiative which quickly proved popular with local walking groups and provides welcome income to support their work.

Sign up for the scheme and your walking group will receive funding in the form of a financial contribution every time you or one of your members books a holiday with us as well as other great benefits. If you feel that your group would benefit, sign up now! And remember when booking your holiday with us to nominate your group.

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The Ramblers

We've long co-operated with The Ramblers (formerly the Ramblers Association - the RA) and in our early days operated as it's commercial wing.

However when the RA obtained charitable status in 1967 it became necessary for us to become a completely separate and independent organisation - however, 50 years later, some confusion still remains as to our connection!

Apart from a short break between 2011 and 2014, we've enjoyed over 70 years of continuous co-operation, with many members of The Ramblers taking our holidays and many of our clients are members of The Ramblers. We're pleased to be The Ramblers' walking holiday partner.

Although as an organisation we very much encourage membership of The Ramblers, it has never been required that those travelling with us are members.  

We continue to support the work of The Ramblers’ head office through the Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust, set up in 1969, topped up from a covenant from the company’s profits from which they can apply for funds. We support their local walking groups too through The Walking Partnership - see below.

The Ramblers was described by Bertie Roberson (who wrote ‘Idealism & Realism’, a short early history of the company) as our parents who kept an eye on our early growth without interference.  We’re  grown up now, independent and with a life of our own. And we send money back home to our parents.

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