There it is, ahead of you – the jagged outline of the magnificent Matterhorn punching into a clear blue sky. Nothing can prepare you for this thrilling, awesome sight, a huge and near-symmetrical pyramidal peak, its four steep faces aligned to the four compass points, rising above the surrounding glaciers.  This is the climax of the Haute Route, a tough but rewarding trek that started with a breathtaking panorama of Mont Blanc and other peaks in the massif, and has taken you across rugged mountain passes, remote and wild terrain, through some of the highest mountains in Europe.  Usually only achievable by staying in mountain huts, this time you’ve done it in some style, staying in hotels most nights and having your baggage transported. .

The Swiss Alps can also be explored in a more leisurely way when you walk the trail of the Bernina Express, the country’s most scenic rail journey. The alpine meadows come to life with wild flowers in summer, and the sun makes mirrors of snowy peaks.  You walk following the track, or head off into more remote parts, encountering glaciers, and dramatic mountain scenery, or farmland, waterfalls and lakes, all the time drinking in the crystal air. Of course, you could take the lazy way and do some or all of the journey by train ….

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