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Student Work Experience Placements

We offer a number of work experience placements each year to students and recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in all aspects of tourism.

Although most students take up placements as a part of their university or vocational college courses or opt to seek work experience during their university vacations, we also offer places to students from local secondary schools interested in career in tourism. Even if students are in full time education we can accommodate with part time hours or weeks outside of term time.

Since 2010 we’ve successfully hosted several students each year from vocational colleges in Germany, seeking to gain experience of working in English and in a different business culture than they have experienced previously at home.

As we are unable to provide accommodation, most placements are usually taken by students with a local connection who stay with family of friends during their placement. 

Our welcoming team here at RWH Travel are always appreciative of students willing to learn and help while providing some fresh spins on current operations within the business. We aim to provide you with a valuable experience that allows you to gain extra credentials, experience and further knowledge while presenting an extra pair of hands to our busy team.

Work Experiences and Internships

As we operate all aspects of our holiday operations from our offices at Lemsford in Hertfordshire, students can experience what goes on in most functional departments involved with developing, operating and marketing holidays within a medium sized tour operator.

Most placements are based within our Product Management or Marketing departments, with the opportunity to see other areas of the business such as sales, tour leader management and customer relations.

General work experience placements usually last for one or two weeks and are unpaid. However, we do occasionally offer paid internships for longer durations.

Feedback from previous placement students

“The team here at RWH Travel have a unique dynamic that have helped open my eyes to the importance of having a variety of expertise, in one department and across the board. After thriving during my first two week placement, I was keen to come back and am currently in the early stages of a six week, paid placement. It is great to be back!  It’s not like other placements I have experienced in the past, where you are stuck filing papers. I have been able to take responsibility of my own tasks and get stuck in to some great projects, while helping the team and fuelling my own knowledge”

Georgia Beretta – Management, Leadership and Leisure BAHons, University of Manchester. 2016

“Working at RWH Travel is such a fantastic experience. I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a quick 1-week internship here, and after it went well I was asked to come on board for the rest of the summer on a paid placement. I thought it would be challenging to finish my dissertation while also holding a position at the company, but they were very considerate and worked with my schedule. This is not your average internship because the work you do actually becomes utilized within the company and it makes me so proud when I see the things I’ve been doing actually coming to life. You don’t just feel like a temporary worker, you feel like part of the team from the very start.”

Dana Guymon – International Tourism and Hospitality Management, MSc, University of Hertfordshire. 2016

"Bei RWH Travel wurde es mir ermöglicht, einen Einblick in das Arbeitsleben in England und die Arbeit eines Reiseanbieters zu bekommen. Das Team war vom ersten Tag an freundlich und aufgeschlossen mir gegenüber und hat mich sofort in die Arbeit eingebunden. Ich habe bei der Planung von Reisen mitgewirkt, im Marketing geholfen und administrative Aufgaben erledigt.Das Team gab mir immer das Gefühl willkommen zu sein und hat mich nie wie einen Praktikanten behandelt, sondern stets wie ein vollwertiges Mitglied der Firma. Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich die Gelegenheit hatte zwei Wochen lang Teil des Teams zu sein, mein Englisch zu verbessern, wertvolle Erfahrungen zu sammeln und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen."

Bettina Willinger, Kauffrau für Büromanagement, Germany (Freising bei München). 2017

Bei RWH Travel Ltd. konnte ich einen tollen Einblick in das Berufsleben in England bekommen. Das Team war vom ersten Tag sehr freundlich zu mir. Ich habe Ihnen beim organsieren, planen und buchen von Hotels und Restaurants geholfen. Das Team hat mir immer das Gefühl gegeben willkommen zu sein und mich nie wie einen Praktikantin behandelt, sondern immer als Vollmitglied des Unternehmens. Ich bin sehr dankbar und glücklich, dass ich 2 Wochen lang die Gelegenheit hatte, Teil des Teams zu sein, mein Englisch zu verbessern und wertvolle Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Danke für die schöne Zeit.

Sara Rabaji, Kauffrau für Büromanagement, Germany, Bavaria (Eggenfelden). 2017 

Applying for placements

If you are interested in a career within our field and would like to get a taste of how it all works through a short placement, please contact:

Angus Russell, Planning Manager

Please note that at the moment we are regrettably unable to offer longer-term paid student placements. Should you be interested in joining us for anything other than a one or two week work experience placement, please keep an eye on our website.

When writing, please include a covering letter giving an indication of what your current course involves, what you’re interested in and when you’re likely to be able to take up any placement. Please also attach a CV including any experience you have accumulated. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and highlight why we should choose you to join our team.



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