Our Sri Lanka Walking Holidays

Marco Polo once described this country as the most beautiful island on earth, and our walking holidays to Sri Lanka show you the breathtaking natural landscapes and enjoyable trails this picturesque island has to offer.

Ramblers Walking Holidays provide an array of both specialised and more generalised trips for hikers to embark on, so you can see the best of Sri Lanka’s captivating wildlife, or satisfy your curiosity about the exotic islands of the Indian Ocean. Travellers will get the chance to visit the capital city of Colombo, before taking an informative tour of a tea plantation and walking along Horton Plains - Sri Lanka’s highest plateau.

Watch on in wonder as you observe fascinating elephants, leopards and bears in the wild, before being left in awe when whale watching at Mirissa. With all of this to offer, plus rainforests, tropical beaches, volcanoes and mountain peaks to uncover, Sri Lanka is a tempting destination for anyone who loves the outdoors.


Why Book a Walking Holiday to Sri Lanka?

Whether you prefer expansive, sandy beaches or a spirited ascent of the beautiful mountains, walking tours with us in Sri Lanka offer the right proportion of all things to make your heart beat faster. Have your next cup of tea in one of the world’s biggest tea producing countries and discover the wildlife, temples, ravines and volcanic walks, in this lively and exciting island.

A walking holiday to Sri Lanka enables you to explore the hidden treasures of this fascinating country, and our guides will show you a number of incredible landscapes and fantastic walking routes, both on and off the beaten track. Our carefully crafted itineraries allow you to relax and enjoy rambling, without having to worry about the details. All you need to do is enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in the scenery around you.


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