This vast continent and the sinewy strip of lush green that connects it to North America, offers such a diverse range of scenery, from urban cultural centres such as Buenos Aires, the imposing beauty of the snow capped Andes or the astonishing diversity of wildlife in the jungles of Costa Rica. The Andes form the backbone, running the full length of the continent, dividing the dry coasts of Peru and Chile in the West, from the lush and expansive Amazon to the east.

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Explore the stunning wild plains, lakes and mountains of Patagonia with our holidays. From the hauntingly majestic Torres del Paine to the glaciers calving into lakes below. See firsthand why this area grips the imagination in a way few others can. Or enjoy the mystic pre Hispanic remains of Peru. Machu Picchu is rightly one of the iconic tourist destinations but also consider Kuelap in the north of the country and the spectacular waterfall at Gocta. Ecuador offers diversity like no other place. From snowy volcanic Andean peaks to the white sand beaches and unique fauna of the Galapagos Islands there is much to discover.

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