Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness Levels

The world really is more beautiful on foot and to ensure you relish every moment, we’ve graded our holidays to help you find the level of walking you wish to undertake - from stretching your legs on a relaxing sightseeing to stretching yourself on a challenging high altitude trek.

Our holidays are planned for active people and whatever level of activity suits you, a fabulous selection of holidays to match your individual walking ability and spirit of adventure!

Choosing the right walking grade to suit your ability and comfort level is key to your enjoyment. Please avoid selecting a holiday beyond your physical capabilities, or even well under your normal capacity - unless you’d be happy with a slower pace. 

Our walking grades indicate the pace and terrain you should expect on each chosen holiday, and the personal fitness required.

The success of each holiday to a great extent on individual group members being able to physically participate in the advertised activities of their chosen holiday. It is vital for the continuity of the holiday, as well as the enjoyment and safety of your travelling companions you are fit for the demands of your holiday.

Although you should not book a holiday beyond your ability, should you decide to take a holiday with walks at much easier grade than you are used to, please bear in mind that the walking pace is likely to be slower than you may wish and that the leader will be required to manage the walking programme at the advertised grade.

If you are booking a holiday at grade 6 or above, are over 70 or have apparently experienced difficulty on a previous holiday, we may discuss the nature and demands of the holiday with you to ensure that you book the right holiday for your fitness and ability.

Should your tour leader reasonably feel that, due to your fitness or other safety concern, you are unable to participate in one or more of the holiday’s walks or other activities, then subject to the leader’s discretion you may not be able to join one or more day’s activities.

If you have any concerns regarding your fitness or the suitability of a particular holiday, please contact us and we will be happy to give you advice.