A non-refundable deposit must be paid at the time of booking as follows:

UK Holidays

£ 100

Short Haul holidays

£ 100 

Long Haul holidays (tour code beginning with 4)

£ 150

Cruise & Walk holidays

£ 200


If you book any regional flight as a part of your holiday booking, the cost of this must be paid at the time of booking together with your deposit and will also be non-refundable.

When bookings are made within 8 weeks (for UK holidays), 10 weeks (for short haul holidays), 12 weeks (for long haul holidays) or 14 weeks (for Cruise &Walk holidays) the whole of the holiday charge is due at the time of booking.


Balances Due

The balance of the holiday price and the date this balance is due to be paid will be shown on your Confirmation of Booking invoice.

Balances are due:

UK Holidays

8 weeks before departure

Short Haul holidays

10 weeks before departure

Long Haul holidays

12 weeks before departure

Cruise & Walk holidays

14 weeks before departure


In the unlikely event that a surcharge subsequently becomes applicable to your holiday, an amended invoice will be sent to you no later than ten weeks prior to departure. We do not usually issue receipts; please advise us if you require one.


How to Pay

Card Payments

To pay by debit or credit card please either:

a) Telephone us on 01707 320226, or

b) Log into the My Account area of our website, or

c) Complete and return your invoice remittance form to us.

We do not charge any card processing fees for payments made by debit or credit card.


Card Payment via Secure Trading email link

We may also ask you to make a payment by debit or credit card through the secure independent payment processing system, Secure Trading.

We may do this by sending you a link by email where you can enter your card details to make an ad-hoc payment towards a holiday arrangement.


Payment by Sterling Cheque or Sterling Bank Draft

Payment can also be made by Sterling cheque or bank draft without any fee.

Please make cheques and bank drafts payable to RWH Travel Limited. Please also write your holiday Booking Reference on the back of the cheque.


Payment by Bank Transfer

You can also make payment by means of a bank transfer.

Please quote your booking reference number on your bank transfer.

Our bank payment details are:

From a UK Bank:

Sorting Code: 209312

Account Number: 80751928

Non-UK Bank:

Swift Code: BARCGB22

Account Number/IBAN: GB79 BARC 2093 1280 7519 28


Payment Queries

Should you have any payment or balance queries please contact our Accounts Team:

Telephone: 01707 320226

Email: [email protected]