Experience the diverse and exciting, real flavours and energy of the New World on our North American holidays.

Walk through the heart of New England with its witches, autumnal colours and stunning mountain views. Discover that there’s more than just city life to New York - brash, colourful and unlike any other city in the world. Walk through iconic American scenery - the Canyonlands which are some of the most spectacular landscapes  found anywhere on Earth. Explore the Big Sky Country, the geysers of Yellowstone and the less well known delights of the Grand Tetons.Visit California - a stunning beautiful and varied state, from the barren desert landscapes of the Joshua Tree National Park to the alpine glacial rock formations of El Capitan and Half Dome and the cascading waterfalls in Yosemite. Forget Mickey and Miami, let us show you the real Florida with its wildlife, walking and winter sunshine.

Walk in the Canadian Rockies - spectacular mountains and scenery to be believed! This Rocky Mountain adventure starts in Vancouver, one of the most beautifully situated cities in the world and then moves on into the vast and staggeringly beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape.

Perhaps a visit to the laid back Caribbean is more your style. The beautiful beaches and rum punches of Barbados; lush and mountainous St Lucia, with the World Heritage site of the Pitons waiting to be discovered or the colourful birdlife of Trinidad & Tobago. The Caribbean is a truly wonderful winter getaway.


AMERICA'S CANYONLANDS A walk through spectacular, iconic American scenery.
This USA walking holiday takes in the truly majestic landscapes of the south western United States. Spend time hiking the canyons of Utah, Nevada and Arizona before hiking the Grand Canyon in Arizona; The scale, colour and sheer majesty of the scenery is awe inspiring and a truly unforgettable experience.
NEXT DEPT: 01 Sep 16 
DURATION: 17 nights
FROM: £3,799
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THE CONTRASTS OF CALIFORNIA A journey through the West Coast’s natural wonders.
Walk around America’s West Coast and take in California’s natural wonders from state’s sandy beaches to the towering Sierra Nevada Mountains. California is a stunningly beautiful and varied state, we'll spend time walking the USA’s National Parks of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon.
NEXT DEPT: 16 Jun 16 
DURATION: 16 nights
FROM: £4,199
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COLOURFUL CUBA A wonderful journey through an island forgotten by time.
Cuba! A land of political intrigue, the turquoise blues of the Caribbean, lush tropical forests, and colourful flora and fauna. We'll walk in the fascinating landscapes of Cuba discovering its rich colonial history, dating from the landing of Columbus. Trinidad and Havana are World Heritage Sites.
NEXT DEPT: 10 Oct 16 
DURATION: 15 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £2,275
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THROUGH THE HEART OF NEW ENGLAND Witches, autumnal colours and stunning mountain views
Boasting rivers, forests, lakes and mountain ranges, this holiday offers exceptional scenery as well as an insight into the quirky town of Salem, famed for it’s 17th century witch trials. Expect some classic views of America at its best from historical Boston to remote wilderness around Jay Peak on the border with Canada.
NEXT DEPT: 10 Sep 16 
DURATION: 14 nights
FROM: £2,660
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WALKING IN THE CANADIAN ROCKIES Spectacular mountains and scenery to be believed!
Walking in the Canadian Rockies is an incredible experience in some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. This Canadian hiking holiday takes you on a journey through the area’s National Parks and over and around rugged mountain peaks.
NEXT DEPT: 18 Jul 16 
DURATION: 15 nights
FROM: £3,025
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TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Birdwatching in the Caribbean: Enjoying Trinidad & Tobago's avian delights.
This is primarily a bird watching holiday. Trinidad’s vibrant beat nestles comfortably alongside the more serene Tobago. The proximity of the islands to South America has resulted in an unusually diverse fauna, particularly the birdlife and few areas of comparable size in tropical America match the spectacular diversity of species.
NEXT DEPT: 12 Jan 17 
DURATION: 12 nights
FROM: £2,725
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DOMINICA ADVENTURE  A walk on the wild side of the Caribbean
NEW This tiny island measures just 29 miles long and 16 miles wide but with the highest mountains in the Eastern Caribbean, it reaches to 5,000 feet.
NEXT DEPT: 27 Nov 16 
DURATION: 12 nights
FROM: £0
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BEAUTIFUL BARBADOS A West Indian experience. Relaxed walking, cultural heritage and rum punches – all from an idyllic luxury beach hotel.
Barbados is one of the jewels of the Caribbean, exotic white palm fringed beaches, old plantation houses, botanical gardens and a relatively unspoiled interior. We’ll enjoy relaxed walks, exploring villages, walking the rugged coastline and beaches in the north and east of the island and in the central highlands keep an eye open for the green monkeys and migratory birds. Regional R1
NEXT DEPT: 18 Nov 16 
DURATION: 11 nights
FROM: £1,999
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