Ramblers Worldwide Holidays brings together hand-crafted, friendly and small groups for a chance to go trekking in Thailand. With our practised guides you will experience the true nature of the country as we explore the hidden nooks and crannies with you. Our leaders will take you off the beaten track for an authentic native experience which you can enjoy in the security and confidence of their trustworthy knowledge.

Walking Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is a unique experience with us. We will take you on boats, cruising along the Mekong River from which you can see traces of French colonial charm and local villages. Ramblers Worldwide Holidays will show you cascading waterfalls, rice paddies and canals – the distinctive characteristics of southern Asia. With us you will travel both off the radar and explore renowned sites such as the temple complex at Siem Reap.

Walking in Thailand with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays is more than just a ramble. You’ll be exposed to some of the wonders of the world and have stories to tell when you get home that’ll make your friends green with envy.

After all, the world’s more beautiful on foot.


EXPLORING INDOCHINA Travel away from the tourist trail in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
Indochina contains some of the most remote and beautiful scenery in Southern Asia. This Eastern journey promises to be the holiday of a lifetime. Highlights include Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a cruise down the Mekong river and a visit to the Golden Triangle - the meeting point of Thailand, Burma and Laos.
NEXT DEPT: 04 Nov 16 
DURATION: 16 nights
FROM: £3,199
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