Walking in Norway with one of our small, friendly groups is a holiday like no other. Join Ramblers Worldwide Holidays for a voyage to discover the passion, natural beauty and excitement this country has to offer. Our experienced guides guarantee that you will explore unique and special landscapes. They’ll lead you off the beaten track for an authentic native experience which you can enjoy in the security and confidence of their trustworthy knowledge.

Some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth can be seen in Norway; walking its dramatic fjords and spectacular glaciers, you will be overawed. Our holidays will take you to the sweeping snow-capped mountains and sheltered inlets of the north. The splendour of this country is apparent with every step you take and hiking in Norway with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays allows you to linger through the country taking it at your own pace.

With a range of relaxing cruises to a more demanding Arctic hike, Ramblers Worldwide Holidays will reveal to you the best routes and landmarks of this glorious country. 

After all, the world’s more beautiful on foot.


THE NORWEGIAN FJORDS Cruise and walk through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world - A Cruise Adagio holiday
NEW What is the best way to enjoy the Fjords? On a ship gliding along past lush meadows and red barns, or from the hills looking down into the calm waters? On an Adagio Cruise & Walk holiday you do both.
NEXT DEPT: 03 Jul 15 
DURATION: 8 nights
FROM: £1,350
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FJORDS OF NORWAY Odysseys through the land of Fjords.
The coast and fjords of Norway are made for cruising; there is no more beautiful scenery on earth.  ‘I never want this day to end’ is how one of our clients described a day in the fjords. We think that says it all.
NEXT DEPT: 25 Jul 15 
DURATION: 7 nights
GRADE: D,E,Sightseeing
FROM: £995
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LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN Here's your chance to walk where only reindeer normally tread!
Sail with us all the way north beyond the Arctic Circle into the land of the midnight sun, to Norway's North Cape, Lotofen Islands, Bear Island and Svalbard - just 800 miles from the North Pole. Here's you chance to walk where only reindeer normally tread!
NEXT DEPT: 16 Jun 15 
DURATION: 12 nights
GRADE: D,Sightseeing
FROM: £1,525
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BALTIC DISCOVERY Historic cities and magnificent Baltic Coast scenery.
Sample the splendours of Europe’s northern capitals of culture. St Petersburg is the jewel in the crown, but cobbled streets of Tallinn and the islands of Stockholm are sights that will live long in the memory.
NEXT DEPT: 08 Jun 15 
DURATION: 13 nights
GRADE: E,Sightseeing
FROM: £1,625
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ATLANTIC CONTRASTS Northern waters have amazing scenery - glaciers falling into the sea, geysers, volcanoes and fjords
Iceland is not the just the land of ice and fire that many imagine - it is warmed by the gulf stream and has surprisingly mild weather in summer and early autumn. From Reykjavik we walk in the Thingvellir National Park, where the European and American continents meet, creating a landscape with the appearance of a crevassed glacier.
NEXT DEPT: 12 Jul 15 
DURATION: 9 nights
GRADE: D,Sightseeing
FROM: £1,450
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