Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ friendly, informal groups welcome the helennophile to walk in Greece with them. Our experienced guides will share their trustworthy knowledge of the local area to take you away from the usual tourist paths, showing you the best and most unique aspects of this magical nation and its islands.

If you enjoy relaxed island hopping, journeys through ancient history and excursions into mythology, let Ramblers Worldwide Holidays take you walking. Greece boasts landscapes with spectacular gorges, ridges, beaches and picturesque villages. Join us on holidays to islands such as Nisyros where the volcanic soil is so fertile that vines and figs, together with almond trees and wild flowers grown in abundance.

When you come with us on a walk in Greece you will experience and see the authentic Greek way of life at your own pace. We offer walks that range from strenuous hiking through the diverse countryside to more relaxed sightseeing. Whatever you seek from Greece you’ll leave a Ramblers Worldwide Holiday experience replete with the best the nation has to offer. 

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CRETAN TRAILS & TAVERNAS Enjoy a week walking in Crete from Chania.
Crete, the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands. The scattered remains of Minoan palaces, Byzantine churches and Venetian fortifications tell of the passage of whole civilisations. The wild countryside, interspersed with attractive villages, gorges and archaelogical remains; dramatic coastline tracks and lush beach paths all make for a great week’s walking. Regional R3
NEXT DEPT: 03 May 16 
DURATION: 7 nights
FROM: £885
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KARPENISSI An exploration of Greece's Alpine secret.
Karpenissi holds an enviable position at the head of the spectacular Karpenisiotis Valley, on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfristos. Here is a region where we can see Greece at its most beautiful. Our  walking programme will take us deep into the countryside with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, across valleys, towards lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

NEXT DEPT: 23 Sep 16 
DURATION: 9 nights
FROM: £975
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EPIRUS AND THE PINDHOS MOUNTAINS Walking in a dramatic corner of Greece
NEW Epirus lies in a relatively unknown area of northern Greece, bordering with Albania to the north. The mountainous, rugged countryside is simply stunning with the limestone peaks of the Pindhos range, forested ravines, traditional stone-built villages and graceful arched bridges.
NEXT DEPT: 20 May 16 
DURATION: 10 nights
FROM: £1,025
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TINOS & ANDROS Walkers’ paradise in the northern Cyclades.
Offering miles of ancient stoned pathways, unspoiled countryside, wooded valleys, and quiet beaches, Tinos and Andros are a walker’s paradise waiting to be discovered. Relatively untouched by tourism, the islands offer a true Greek experience with lots of local flavours and colour.
NEXT DEPT: 04 May 16 
DURATION: 14 nights
FROM: £1,099
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SPRING FLOWERS OF THE PELOPONNESE Walking the Southern Peloponnese from a base on the Mani peninsula.
In the springtime the natural beauty of the Mani in the Southern Peloponnese comes alive with an abundance of flora and our walks will allow time to appreciate the outstanding scenery. Discover the flowers of the Peloponnese, visit archaeological sites and enjoy easy walking in hill country and coastal landscapes.
NEXT DEPT: 09 Apr 17 
DURATION: 7 nights
FROM: £1,089
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EXPLORING ATHENS Combining ancient and modern
NEW High above the bustling metropolis of modern day Athens, perched on a rocky outcrop, sits the ancient Acropolis with the most famous symbol of Greece – the Parthenon. Seen as the birthplace of civilisation, the streets of Athens are scattered with temples, marketplaces, and theatres – all dating back thousands of years.Regional R1
NEXT DEPT: 03 Oct 16 
DURATION: 4 nights
GRADE: Short Escapes,Sightseeing
FROM: £825
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LÉSVOS & CHIOS Exploring two of Greece's North Aegean islands
NEW On the Greek islands of Lésvos and Chíos, mineral springs, fortress villages, rich history, delicious seafood, and sandy beaches are all waiting to be discovered. On Lesvos we’ll discover oak and pine forests, vast olive groves and highlights of the island’s medieval and Ottoman architecture. Chíos is dotted with medieval “Mastic” villages with narrow streets and tightly packed houses, decorated churches & monasteries and our walks follow ancient kalderami or pathways.
NEXT DEPT: Future Departures 
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HYDRA & POROS Visiting Greece’s Saronic Gulf Islands
NEW Hydra and Poros, even with their close proximity to Greece’s mainland, feel a world away from Athens. Volcanic in origin, the islands differ from each other in look and atmosphere, with both wonderful bases for walkers. Many visitors come from the mainland for the day, but we feel these islands deserve a longer look with time to explore and appreciate their beauty.
NEXT DEPT: 05 Oct 16 
DURATION: 9 nights
FROM: £1,070
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