Stunning and exhilerating, Asia offers an unforgettable expereince. We have an intriguing journey to the hill stations of Northern India with our Himalayan Odyssey tour and a sightseeing speactacular as we venture through exotic Thailand. We explore a big city, deep jungle, high peaks and a land of contrastson the Malay Peninsula and take a "Journey through Ceylon" uncovering the many faces of Sri Lanka.


EXPLORING INDOCHINA Travel away from the tourist trail in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
Indochina contains some of the most remote and beautiful scenery in Southern Asia. This Eastern journey promises to be the holiday of a lifetime. Highlights include Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a cruise down the Mekong river and a visit to the Golden Triangle - the meeting point of Thailand, Burma and Laos.
NEXT DEPT: 04 Nov 16 
DURATION: 16 nights
FROM: £3,199
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SOUTH KOREAN DISCOVERY A voyage of discovery through unknown Asia
NEW Sightseeing and gentle walking in South Korea. Visit Seoul and Busan, Mokpo, Joenju, the Seoraksan and Deogyosan National Parks. 18 days of amazing contrasts in this secret part of Asia.
NEXT DEPT: 18 Oct 16 
DURATION: 15 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £3,150
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TAIWANESE DISCOVERY  Exploring outstanding natural beauty and diverse culture
The island of Formosa, now known as Taiwan, is one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in the world ideal for a walking holiday. Modern yet extremely traditional, Taiwan is a delight to experience and still relatively new on the tourist map. Situated 100 miles off the coast of China, Taiwan is a small island on the Tropic of Cancer.
NEXT DEPT: 03 Nov 16 
DURATION: 12 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £3,125
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VIETNAM ADVENTURE From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
On our Vietnam journey we discover a country of beautiful landscapes, we travel through the country from Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in the south to Hanoi in the north, visiting cities, mountains, deltas, magnificent beaches and four stunning World Heritage Sites along the way.
NEXT DEPT: 15 Nov 16 
DURATION: 19 nights
FROM: £2,599
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BURMESE EXPLORER  Discover the wonders of Myanmar
Burma is a country in the very infancy of modernisation, an enchanting, colourful land full of natural wonders, inspirational scenery, ancient temples and monasteries, diverse cultures and tradition. Join our walking and sightseeing holiday for an opportunity to explore a unique culture before tourism takes a strong hold.

NEXT DEPT: 18 Feb 17 
DURATION: 15 nights
FROM: £3,425
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