Ramblers Worldwide Holidays bring together small, intimate groups for holidays in Madeira. Walking with our experienced guides guarantees that enthusiasts will discover the true nature of the country. We’ll lead you off the beaten track to explore remote and unspoiled landscapes which you can enjoy in the security and confidence of our trustworthy knowledge.

Whatever your preference walking in Madeira has just about everything to offer our groups, from moderate walking to more energetic, challenging endeavours. The scenery is strikingly beautiful and readily accessible. Some walks will take you along ’levadas’ - waterways ingeniously engineered both over and through the rock to bring water from high mountain springs. Others explore peaceful mountain valleys and follow the line of rugged sea cliffs. Although not particularly arduous terrain, a head for heights may be required!

With Ramblers Worldwide Holidays you get to see the best of a country when you go walking. Madeira is no exception. Join us for a holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

After all, the world’s more beautiful on foot.


MADEIRA – MOUNTAINS & LEVADAS Moderate or challenging walking on the Garden Isle of Madeira
NEW This beautiful botanical island of Madeira, lays just 350 miles off the African coast. Famed for its levadas and flowers it is an excellent walking destination with an equable year round climate. Some walks take us along levadas – the irrigation waterways ingeniously engineered both over and through the rock to bring water from high mountain springs, there are well over 1,000 miles of them on the island. Others explore peaceful mountain valleys and coastal tracks follow the line of rugged sea cliffs with spectacular views. Regional R1
NEXT DEPT: 30 May 15 
DURATION: 7 nights
FROM: £889
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THE “FLOATING GARDEN” OF MADEIRA The perfect walkers’ island
Madeira's volcanic origins are evident by the rocky shore line and rugged mountainous interior. Its highest point, Pico Ruivo, at nearly 1800m, looks out over a mass of peaks and a violently formed landscape. Over the years Madeira has been described as the "pearl of the Atlantic" and "the floating garden" Regional R1
NEXT DEPT: 12 Apr 15 
DURATION: 14 nights
FROM: £1,125
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MAGIC OF THE CANARIES Exploring mountains, volcanoes and gorges of the Canaries.
It is our cruises to the Canaries that really show best what Cruise & Walk is all about - a new island each day, real mountain walking, at a time of year when the weather in northern Europe makes a cruise to the warm south seem even more appealing.
NEXT DEPT: 08 Aug 15 
DURATION: 13 nights
FROM: £1,325
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SAILING TOWARDS THE TROPICS Cruising the Europe and Africa's Atlantic coast and islands

On this cruise we don’t quite reach the Tropics, but the mild climate of the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries is a welcome contrast to a northern European winter. Add to that a dash of Iberia and a taste of Morocco and you have a very pleasant way to build up to Christmas.
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CANARIES & CAPE VERDE Fly-cruising journeys south to the Atlantic islands and beyond
These holidays venture south visiting the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands.  
NEXT DEPT: 11 Nov 15 
DURATION: 15 nights
FROM: £1,739
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