The tiny twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago really is a nature lover’s paradise, blessed with an abundance of wildlife thriving in its varied habitats. The islands are one of the most biodiverse sites in the Caribbean, with more than 450 bird species, 108 types of mammal and 25 amphibians, including turtles. Trinidad is home to several spectacular ecotourism attractions, including the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, home of Scarlet Ibis and manatees, and the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a birdwatchers’ delight hidden under the rainforest canopy. Trinidad also offers a range of excellent hiking trails through its lush and diverse landscapes to explore.
Tobago is a smaller, more tranquil destination, where you can relax on pristine beaches after days spent walking through unspoilt mountain ranges and coastal paths, or swimming and snorkelling in its sparkling blue bays, home to spectacular reefs boasting some 300 species of coral and tropical fish. The oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere runs along the island’s rugged spine.
At Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, we believe the best bird watching holidays are the ones where you don’t just get to see exotic birds of all kinds, but where you also get a real sense of the environments they live in, and their preferred habitats. We invite you to join one of our small, like-minded groups guided by expert leaders for an exploration of the unique birdlife and landscapes of these beautiful Caribbean islands.


TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Birdwatching in the Caribbean: Enjoying Trinidad & Tobago's avian delights.
This is primarily a bird watching holiday. Trinidad’s vibrant beat nestles comfortably alongside the more serene Tobago. The proximity of the islands to South America has resulted in an unusually diverse fauna, particularly the birdlife and few areas of comparable size in tropical America match the spectacular diversity of species.
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DURATION: 12 nights
FROM: £2,725
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CARIBBEAN & LATIN AMERICA  A Caribbean holiday full of exotic contrasts.
NEW Join us on a fly-cruise trip to the Caribbean, you'll experience wildlife, rainforest trails, waterfalls and palm-lined beaches. We use local agents and nature guides in most ports for our walks and excursions.
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DURATION: 16 nights
GRADE: D,Sightseeing
FROM: £2,599
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