Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a world of its own – from its high mountains to the jungle plateaux of the Terai it’s a joy to visit. The capital, Kathmandu, lies in a green valley below the snow-capped peaks of the world’s highest mountains. Thirteen of the world’s 19 peaks over 8,000 metres (25,600ft) stand in this small country - the cause of its remote inaccessibility.

So what’s trekking all about?

Trekking in Nepal is a fairly decadent experience. Each morning you are likely to see with the Himalaya shining pink in the dawn. Of all the astounding things you will see in Nepal this is perhaps the most memorable.

Times are changing in Nepal, as elsewhere, and the standard of accommodation is improving consistently. We stay in Tea huts, a classic Nepali institution. They are best thought of as simple ‘B&B’s’. Twin and single rooms are available but please be aware that the experience is much more like staying in somebody’s house rather than a hotel. We will generally have access to hot running water and flushing toilets. There will be a main room which will be warm and welcoming where we will eat and relax. The bedrooms will not be heated, blankets are supplied so you need a sheet sleeping bag at minimum and many prefer a good quality sleeping bag. As standards of accommodation improve all the time the description ‘Lodge’ rather than ‘Tea Hut’ is becoming more common.

Regardless of where you sleep the walking takes you through beautiful scenery always with the distinctive peaks of the Himalayas as a backdrop - literally on top of the world. At the lunch spot, your cooked lunch awaits. Continuing in the afternoon, you reach camp to find another cup of tea.

On our treks we have a Ramblers’ Worldwide leader, a Sirdar, and sherpas who lead and bring up the rear, porters who carry everything (please pack reasonably light!!) – you only need carry a daysack with a fleece, some waterproofs and other items you'll want between overnight stops.

On the trail

Don’t be put off by the thought of a trek - if you are capable of the identical grade of walking on an hotel based tour and are in good health, then a trek could be just what you are looking for.

On a Ramblers Worldwide trekking holiday, you are fully supported, which means that all your meals are cooked for you, all camping equipment is supplied (except a sleeping bag) and your belongings are carried for you, so all you need for a day’s trekking is water, a camera, spare clothing and perhaps a waterproof jacket.

Itineraries may be varied to take account of the weather conditions and the abilities of your fellow trekkers.

Time to go back to Nepal...

In April 2015 Nepal suffered a earthquake that caused huge loss of life and destruction of the country’s infrastructure. For a time after it was not advised for foreign tourists to visit the country. However after a coordinated international effort to help Nepalis rebuild their country Nepal is open for business. The mountains remain and beautiful as they ever were, the people as welcoming and the experience perhaps even more rewarding. Tourism is such an important part of Nepal’s economy, returning tourists are essential to Nepal’s reconstruction. It was reported at the time there are be damage to Nepal’s cultural infrastructure, temples shrines and historic buildings. Many cultural sites are in various stages of reconstruction but everything can be seen. Full restoration can only take place is funds are available and this can only happen if the tourist industry flourishes once more. Your visit to Nepal will be as personally rewarding as ever but please remember the money you spend there will provide huge benefit for Nepalis.

Free trekking bags too



DISCOVERING NEPAL 16 days Tea House Trek in Nepal with five nights trekking, staying in ‘Tea Huts’
Nepal is famous for mountains, and rightly so having all the biggest in the world but we should also explore other aspects of this diverse and fascinating country. The flora and fauna of Chitwan park is amazingly accessible, expect to see Rhino and a huge variety of birdlife to enthral even the most disinterested birdwatcher.
NEXT DEPT: 21 Oct 16 
DURATION: 15 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £2,425
More Info
EVEREST TEA HOUSE TREK A chance to see the highest mountain in the world with a bit of comfort on the way.
16 days in Nepal, trekking towards the highest mountain in the world and staying in comfortable tea huts. After walking in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, to get in to the swing of Nepali life, we take the classic flight up to Lukla below Everest.
NEXT DEPT: 14 Oct 16 
DURATION: 14 nights
FROM: £2,399
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