Marco Polo once described this Island as the most beautiful island on earth. If you doubt that please join us on our incomparable tour on this picturesque island. Whether you prefer the wideness of the beaches or the challenge with the mountains, walking with us in Sri Lanka has the right proportion of all things which let your heart beat faster. Have your next cup of tea in one of the world’s biggest tea producing country and join us now on our next Ramblers Worldwide Holiday tour.


A JOURNEY THROUGH CEYLON Exploring the colour, history, culture and wildlife of Sri Lanka.
Although largely a sightseeing holiday, we’ve included some good walking through magnificent countryside. The name Ceylon, still widely used, was introduced in 1815 when the island came under British Colonial rule and the economy blossomed with extensive tea and rubber plantations being developed.
NEXT DEPT: 02 Nov 16 
DURATION: 17 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £2,225
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BIRDS & WILDLIFE OF SRI LANKA A chance to see the Birds, wildlife and whales of Sri Lanka.
NEW This is a specialist birding tour which also seeks to find some of Sri Lanka’s exceptional mammals, both terrestrial and marine. Sri Lanka is well known as a naturalist’s paradise with 430 species of outstanding birdlife including 33 endemics to the island. There will also be good chances of encountering spectacular land animals including leopard, sloth bear and Asian elephant. The south coast out from Mirissa offers an outstanding opportunity to see Blue Whale, the largest living creature ever.
NEXT DEPT: 27 Feb 17 
DURATION: 17 nights
FROM: £2,399
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