Tiny Slovenia offers a variety of attractions to rival a country many times its size. It’s the only country in Europe that encompasses the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst, resulting in a constantly changing and surprising landscape, with views that that can take in sea, mountains, virgin forest and lowland plains in quick succession, offering top-quality walking at all levels.  Slovenia’s extraordinary variety of great natural riches is treasured, and over a third of the country's territory lies within the Europe-wide network of Natura 2000 protected areas, while other areas are designated as major parks and reserves. Slovenia is the third-most forested country in Europe, and the country actively promotes green tourism to help preserve its excellent biodiversity. A Slavic nation, its culture, architecture and excellent cuisine have been influenced by its neighbours, Italy, Austria and Hungary, and the Slovenes themselves are among the most hospitable of people.

Join one of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ small, friendly groups of hikers and nature lovers to walk Slovenia’s Julian Alps. The best tour guides in the business will be looking after you every step of the way to ensure you get the best experience of this lovely, welcoming country.


HIGHLIGHTS OF SLOVENIA Breathtaking walking in the Julian Alps
NEW Slovenia offers walkers and nature enthusiasts a wonderful outdoor experience. At their Eastern end the mighty mountains of the Alps spill over into northern Slovenia. Here are the Julian Alps, a beautiful alpine area with stunning scenery and friendly locals. It is also first class hiking country.
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DURATION: 14 nights
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VENICE & THE ADRIATIC A real journey across the seas, one rich in history and beautiful scenery.
NEW Venice’s myriad palaces, churches, islands and canals were in the fourteenth century at the heart of a vast maritime empire. Amazingly all but two of the ports visited on this cruise (Gibraltar and Cádiz) were once part of the Venetian Doge’s domain. Venice itself will be for many the highlight of this cruise.
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