Solos & Single Travellers

Solos & Single Travellers

Do you like to travel solo but don't want to be alone ...?

Joining a small group, led and brought together by a trained and qualified tour leader, to explore the great outdoors, must be one of the most sociable holiday experiences possible. We can walk away from the crowds and safely visit areas you might not feel comfortable to discover on your own, without being in a conspicuous large group.

Our holidays are renowned for being friendly, fun experiences, and our small groups frequently include a significant number of single travellers. You will feel very welcome amongst like-minded people who share a passion for walking and the outdoor life. Many clients return year after year with friends they have made on previous Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.

Group members come from a wide range of backgrounds, are adults of all ages and tend to gel together quickly. Mealtimes are relaxed and sociable occasions, providing the opportunity to discuss the day’s events and tomorrow’s schedule. On holidays where all meals are not included, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself.

Hotels, huts and cruise liners: Single Supplements & Room Options

Our holidays are ideal for those travelling alone, and about half of those holidaying in our groups are single travellers. During your holiday you will be made to feel welcome and can make lasting friendships with people who share a passion for walking and outdoor life.

If you would like a room to yourself, please be aware that many of the properties we use are small and do, unfortunately, charge single supplements. If this is what you would like, we will always endeavour to arrange either a single or a twin room for sole use for you, subject to availability. A single supplement guarantees privacy only, so please be aware that the design of the hotel may mean that some single rooms might be smaller and less well appointed than twins and may contain a single bed, double bed or twin beds depending on the hotel.

Holidays without Single Room Supplement

On quite a number of our hotels we've managed to negotiate we've managed to negotiate rates with No Single Room Supplement and can offer single rooms without supplement on some holidays.

The availability of single rooms is however limited, as is the number if single rooms available without supplement.

If booking online, for holidays advertised with no single room supplement, if you book a place in a twin room you should not assume that this room will be allocated for your sole use.

We may be able to obtain additional single rooms or allocate a twin room or double room for sole use, however an additional cost may be levied.

Share a twin room with another solo traveller

You can often avoid a single supplement if you are willing to share a twin room with another group member of the same sex, as we can accommodate this on most holidays. Sharers are required to adhere to a no-smoking policy and to reasonable norms of behaviour. If we are unable to find you a suitable sharer, we may allocate you a single room at no additional cost.

Accommodation on Mountain Hutting Holidays

On hutting holidays, accommodation may be in mixed sex twin or multi-bedded rooms, with accommodation in valley hotels generally in single sex twin rooms.

Cabins on Cruise & Walk holidays

On our Cruise & Walk holidays, you will find the accommodation on board ship to be of a high standard. Remember, internal cabins don’t have a sea view or access to natural light, and all cruise ships do charge supplements for outside cabins with portholes or windows.

Once again, a single supplement guarantees privacy only, so please be aware that a single cabin may be smaller in size than a standard cabin. Please see or contact us for details of cabin grades.