Stunning Serbia, with its beautiful mountains, national parks, forests, rivers and lakes, is one of Europe's best-kept tourism secrets and the perfect location for an active outdoor holiday.  Ramblers Worldwide Holidays invites you to come winter walking or snowshoeing through this magnificent scenery as part of our small, friendly groups.  Our experienced guides will show you the best of this glorious land, and you can be secure in their knowledge and competence. 

Serbia has straddled West and East for centuries – a land in which civilisations and cultures, from Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman to Hapsburg, have all made their mark. The result is a rich multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society, with a wealth of archaeological sites, medieval churches and monasteries (some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list) and lively cities to enjoy in addition to its natural splendours.  Walking is the best way to immerse yourself in a country, its people and their customs, and winter walking and staying in traditional accommodation adds a new dimension to the experience.

See below for a selection of our walking holidays in Serbia.


Exciting Serbia walking holidays are being planned for our new season, they will be appearing shortly, but please ring 01707 331133 to find our more, NOW.