Santorini & Naxos

Two weeks in the Cyclades Archipelago.

This holiday combines two wonderfully contrasting islands of the Cyclades, Santorini with its brilliant white cubist architecture and arid & rocky terrain and the green and mountainous landscape of Naxos.

Santorini, itself a mini-archipelago, offers dramatic scenery with its sheer cliffs, dark sandy beaches and caldera or crater, remains of probably the world’s largest volcanic eruption. We stay on the large island of Thira, in the village of Karteradhos, and our walks take in the rim of the ancient volcano, mountain ridges, picturesque villages and coastal paths, offering breathtaking views to nearby islands. Santorini is one of Greece’s most important wine producers and its crisp, white wines are a perfect accompaniment to the lovely meals we will have while on the island. Click here for a video showcasing the stunning scenery and culture of Santorini.

By contrast, the island of Naxos is immediately distinct from its neighbour. Its rugged mountains and green valleys offer beautiful verdant scenery for our walks, which can often end at one of the island’s idyllic sandy beaches. From our hotel, located close to the lovely St.George beach, we’ll follow extensive footpaths and mule tracks that link the villages, and discover towers and fortified mansions that are unique to the island. We’ll also have time to explore the alleyways and lanes of Naxos Town, which lead to the dramatic hill top castle that watches over the village. Due to Naxos’ fertile soil, the island grows abundant crops of potatoes, olives, grapes and lemons, which we’ll sample in our menus. You can’t get fresher than that!

We’ll eat at local tavernas each evening, giving the opportunity to sample traditional, delicious Greek cuisine and the wines from the islands.
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