As Winston Churchill suggested Russia 'is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma'. A bizarre mix of tsarist, communist and free market cultures it is a fascinating place to visit. Moscow and St Petersberg are two great european cities and best seen on foot.


MOSCOW & ST PETERSBURG Exploring Russia’s Imperial Cities.
NEW A walking and sightseeing holiday to Moscow a city with all that is finest and most frustrating in Russia and to St Petersburg, truly one of the great cities of the world. During our stay we'll visit the Kremlin and Novodevichy Convent,  the Tretyakov Gallery, the Winter Palace, the Hermitage, the Cathedral of the Peter-Paul Fortress and much more
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BALTIC DISCOVERY Historic cities and magnificent Baltic Coast scenery.
Sample the splendours of Europe’s northern capitals of culture. St Petersburg is the jewel in the crown, but cobbled streets of Tallinn and the islands of Stockholm are sights that will live long in the memory. With an emphasis on sightseeing, wherever possible we take the opportunity to explore the local countryside beyond the historic cities.

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DURATION: 13 nights
GRADE: E,Sightseeing
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