What’s your style of walking?

We believe the world really is more beautiful on foot and that’s why we have a holiday to suit everyone who loves fresh air, wonderful locations and good company. You can follow your spirit of adventure and passion for the outdoors and the world’s high places with our challenging grades. Or, if you prefer, walk the cultural cities of Europe, or on the hill country slopes and scenic coastal paths with our leisurely and moderate grades.
Matching the right walking grade to suit your ability and comfort level is key to your enjoyment. So we’ve graded our holidays to help you find your perfect pace. Click here for information about our Cruise & Walk holiday grades.  Please note that holidays departing from September 2016 will be graded using our new grading system see below for a guide to the equivalent new grades. Holidays will now be graded from 1 to 9. 


Our easier walking grades, where holidays are at a gentler pace, with only an average fitness required. You’ll enjoy days out on gentle slopes, distinct coastal and valley tracks and paths.

Terrain easy 
Daily walks of 3–5 hours and will probably be between 5–8 miles and include inclines of generally under 1000ft (300m).

Slightly more strenuous walking on easier to moderate slopes, tracks, and paths, plus hills and easy mountains, which may be rough underfoot at times. These grades may have a sightseeing element.

Terrain moderate

Energetic hill walking, usually from 

6–10 miles, including ascents between 800 and 2000ft (250 to 600m).

 Terrain moderate

Ascents can reach 2500ft (750m) at certain mountain centres, daily walking rarely exceeds 6 hours.


If you already enjoy mountain, moorland or hill walking, these holidays let you pick up the pace by climbing higher peaks and walking more challenging tracks. Your reward is a really exhilarating walking programme.

 Terrain moderate to hard

Walks of normally 8–12 miles daily, with ascents of 1500 and 3000ft (500–1000m). Walking times of around 6 hours a day and may include walks spanning both grades.

It’s important that you avoid selecting a holiday beyond your physical capabilities. If you are new to walking or leisurely walks, our less strenuous holiday grades 1 - 4 should suit you.


High peaks and multiple ascents make for strenuous yet exciting walking holiday. You’ll have experience of harder terrain, scrambling and exposure, may encounter fixed ladders and wires and be capable of walking a mile vertically in a day. Daily walks are normally of 10–15 miles and generally include ascents of between 2,500 and 4,500ft (800–1400m).

 Terrain moderate to hard
Walking between 6-7 hours a day.

Terrain hard 

Up to 7 hours walking daily with occasional scrambling for the experienced hiker. 


Gentle walking itineraries to suit those with a sightseeing focus. A local guide will accompany our group for at least half a day on short haul holidays and for some or all of the itinerary on long haul holidays. The emphasis will be on the first-grade icon shown on each holiday page (4/SS or SS/4).


In addition to walks at the indicated grade of walking, these holidays will operate at a pace to absorb the natural beauty of our surroundings and allow time to visit local sites and experience local culture including the cuisine and wine where possible.

2x Walks, 2x Leaders,
2x Grades

On some of our holidays, we offer two walks each day with an easier and harder option. This flexibility is ideal if you have a partner with a different walking ability to you.

Winter Spirit

We have winter holidays to suit every level: winter walking, snowshoeing, downhill or cross-country skiing to simpy soaking up the festive atmosphere of the Christmas markets.

Mixed Grades

Our mixed grade holidays span the full range of the combined grade. Easier walks will generally be in the earlier part of the holiday so you can build up to the harder walks.

Over 75?

If you are over 75 we recommend you have a medical examination before booking. Generally, our holidays are not suitable for under 16s, although there are exceptions, please call for advice.