New to walking holidays?

If you're looking for a great value active holiday that brings you closer to the people, cultures, sights and sounds of the world, try a Ramblers Worldwide Walking Holiday. For well over 60 years we have brought you the best holidays available off the tourist track. With over 140 holidays in over 60 countries, our choice of walking holidays is wide ranging, and each is graded to ensure that there is a holiday suitable for every level of walker, beginner or experienced.

Exploring on foot offers a unique perspective on the world, where you can escape the pressures of everyday life. For many of our holidays graded D+ and below, there is no experience needed. Plus, the exercise and fresh air means you'll return revitalised.

Ambler, rambler or scrambler, our walking grades system makes it easy to identify the level of holiday that's right for you, depending on your fitness and how challenging you'd like your holiday to be.

Our small, friendly and informal holiday groups generally consist of 12-20 people all of whom want something different out of a holiday but love exploring on foot.

Couples, groups of friends and single travellers simply love our walking holidays. Make friends and enjoy a great sense of camaraderie among interesting people in beautiful locations, under the guidance of experienced and qualified leaders.

Fun and flexible, our itineraries take you off the beaten track and up close to local sights, cultures with a chance to sample the culinary delights along the way.

Each season we create new walking holidays with an added intriguing twist. From cruising and cross-country skiing to winter walking and bird watching, we offer so much more than just walking.

We have a team dedicated to organising and planning walking and sightseeing holidays for clubs and groups of friends. Larger groups qualify for an extra discount too.

By choosing to travel with us, you are directly supporting The Walking Partnership, our Charitable Trust, and Heart & Sole, where all profits not needed for the safe running of the company are ploughed back into the environment.