Montenegro has been fortunate in its brief existence as a sovereign country. It enjoys geography of outstanding, dramatic beauty and in the Bay of Kotor, a fjord rivalling Norway’s finest. Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site it has been recognised as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The region is rich in cultural and historical interest.


MONTENEGRO - THE BAY OF KOTOR Walking the hill country of southern Europe's Fjordland.
Stunningly beautiful, remote, exotic, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains you will discover Montenegro on our walking holiday.  Its coastline boasts fine beaches, lovely old towns and amazing flora and fauna. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is recognised as one of the most beautiful bays in the world and best explored on foot.
NEXT DEPT: 05 Sep 15 
DURATION: 7 nights
FROM: £1,299
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MONTENEGRO - PEAKS AND RIDGES Explore the stunning Bay of Kotor from above
NEW Around the Bay of Kotor, mountains and sea combine to create a magical landscape. The mountains rise over a vertical mile above the blue waters of the fjord. These rugged heights are ideal for a high grade walking holiday, providing panoramic views and challenging walks in equal measure.
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DURATION: 7 nights
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VENICE & THE ADRIATIC A real journey across the seas, one rich in history and beautiful scenery.
NEW Venice’s myriad palaces, churches, islands and canals were in the fourteenth century at the heart of a vast maritime empire. Amazingly all but two of the ports visited on this cruise (Gibraltar and Cádiz) were once part of the Venetian Doge’s domain. Venice itself will be for many the highlight of this cruise.
NEXT DEPT: 12 Sep 15 
DURATION: 28 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £3,225
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