Ireland is world renowned for its myriad attractions, beautiful countryside, inspiring coastline, welcoming locals and lively pubs. We offer a selection of walking holidays in Ireland taking in the huge diversity of the country. The mountains, the coast, the history, the culture. Take a walking holiday in Ireland to enjoy everything the country has to offer.


GIANT'S CAUSEWAY & THE NINE GLENS Legendary rocks and a renowned Irish welcome.
Cushendall, where we're based for our week, is a short, but spectacular and increasingly mountainous journey from the airport. Situated at the head of Glen Ballyemon, it's an ideal centre for a walking holiday, extending a warm welcome to all who visit.
NEXT DEPT: 25 Jun 16 
DURATION: 7 nights
FROM: £565
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ARCTIC – LANDS OF ICE & FIRE Northern waters have amazing scenery - glaciers falling into the sea, geysers, volcanoes and fjords
Cruise northern oceans and experience natural wonders. Hear the crack and low thunder of glaciers tumbling into the sea, marvel at the rush of super-heated geysers, see volcanoes against the arctic sky and wind your way down labyrinthine Norwegian fjords. 
NEXT DEPT: 31 May 16 
DURATION: 9 nights
GRADE: D,Sightseeing
FROM: £1,380
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ROAMING AROUND BRITAIN AND IRELAND Discover the diverse coast and sail around the UK & Ireland.
In the British Isles we are never far from our amazing coast, yet few are familiar with more than summer holiday beaches. Roam around the British Isles with us and the diversity becomes apparent.  From the palms of the Cornish coast to the windswept beaches of Scottish Islands, from the Liffey to the Mersey, from the South Downs to the slopes of Ben Nevis, our six cruises promise contrast at every turn.
NEXT DEPT: 18 Jun 16 
DURATION: 5 nights
GRADE: D,Sightseeing
FROM: £1,155
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