There are few countries that match the striking visualisation of Chile. Walk in this hiker’s paradise and be captivated by towering volcanoes, glistening lakes and autumnal colours.
Our holidays visit the best regions for walking in Chile. Walk through rugged landscapes with Andean mountain backdrops and be captivated by plants and wildlife native only to South America.
Our specially selected holidays encompass various trails for walking in Chile. Walk in Patagonia, the country’s best hiking destination and be surrounded by nature. Discover the Atacama desert, the driest desert in the world on our High Andes trip. Or for a brief taste our Falkland islands and Chile Holiday offers a quick look at the capital Santiago and the Andes.
See our selection of the country’s destinations where you can walk. Chile won’t disappoint!

Our Chile Walking Holidays
The High Andes
This holiday offers some fine walking in Chile and Argentina. We explore the Atacama desert, the driest in the world and enjoy hiking through bizarre moonscapes, salt flats and high peaks. This is a fascinating and unique place.

In Patagonia
Patagonia, southern Chile, is an area of uninterrupted lakes, smoking volcanoes and vast tracts of wilderness. Walking in Chile, particularly this area, is a great introduction as to what the country has to offer.

We explore on both the Argentine and Chilean sides.


FALKLAND ISLANDS AND CHILE Unsurpassed walking and wildlife in one of the world’s and most remote places
NEW The Falkland Islands are one of the world's last great unspoilt places. They are a naturalist's dream, unsurpassed for watching seabirds and mammals. Our walking will take us to deserted beaches (except for the penguins) and over open moorland. From the hills and particularly the inter island flights we can enjoy fantastic views; this is a land of big skies and wide horizons.
NEXT DEPT: 03 Nov 16 
DURATION: 12 nights
FROM: £4,999
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THE MAGIC OF PATAGONIA Travelling to the end of the world.
Patagonia is an area of uninterrupted lakes, smoking volcanoes and vast tracts of wilderness. In the famed Torres del Paine National Park, a showpiece of outstanding grandeur – a world biosphere reserve with a wealth of wildlife amidst superbly impressive mountain scenery we should see guanaco and condors!

NEXT DEPT: 05 Nov 16 
DURATION: 15 nights
FROM: £4,150
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THE HIGH ANDES A magical trip through Argentina and Chile.
In this (relatively) small area where Argentina and Chile border Bolivia we have a microcosm of South America. From the high border pass at Paso de Jama (4200m) surrounded by Andean peaks where nothing grows to the abundant wine valleys around Cafayate, this is as diverse an adventure as you could imagine.
NEXT DEPT: 15 May 17 
DURATION: 16 nights
GRADE: Sightseeing
FROM: £0
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