Our Tour Leaders

Our Tour Leaders

Passionate, Knowledgeable Tour Leaders

Our tour leaders have always been vital to the success of the holidays and the organisation as a whole. Even where we also employ a local guide, it has long been company policy to always provide our groups with one of our own leaders, recruited and briefed from our UK head office. We have a team of over 250 leaders worldwide, each with their own individual style, particular talents and favourite destinations. They help make your guided walking holiday experience extra special.

A feel for group dynamics, communication and other social skills, together with a basic awareness of the formal procedures and regulations applying to leading are now just as important as leading a group safely out in the hills. A Ramblers Walking Holiday would not be what it is without the added expertise and enthusiasm of one of our industry accredited leaders. Carefully selected by us, they are highly experienced, all holding walking qualifications, with specialist expertise ranging from botany to archaeology. They are as passionate about the great outdoors as you are and their skills and personalities mean that they will bring your trip alive, acting as a friend and a guide to the whole group.

Whether on the world’s most beautiful walks or in the many fascinating villages and cities we visit, our leaders’ primary role is to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Leading you along your chosen path, they will infuse each moment with tales about scenery and sights as you pass by, all whilst keeping you and your fellow travelling companions safe and on track - or off the beaten one.  

Experienced in leading, usually but not necessarily in the area of the holiday, each has their own individual style and particular talents. All are first aid trained, hold walking leader qualifications commensurate with the grade of holidays they lead and often have good foreign language skills providing you with a deeper insight into local cultures. They are often mines of information on local history and the natural world.

What is unsurpassed is their resourcefulness, wide travel knowledge and commitment to making your holiday as friendly and as pleasurable as possible. As our most crucial point of contact with our clients, each of our leaders manage all the quirks, expectations, interests and demands of their diverse groups whilst leading, informing and motivating their group throughout the tour as the arrangements and programme unfold.  Our tour leaders won’t lose sight that every group is made up of individuals though.

We also employ and train some local tour leaders as well as working with trained or specialist local area guides on many of our long haul or developing destinations. Native to the area, their friendly welcome and special insights are hugely popular further enhancing your experience of the country, adding real character and flavour - and keeping our clients coming back for more!


Tour Leaders' Responsibilities

Being a group holiday, the success of each holiday depends to a great extent on the ability and preparedness of group members to participate and cooperate with both the Tour Leader and their travelling companions.

As our leader is responsible for the smooth operation of the holiday arrangements and the wellbeing of all group members, although the he or she will be there to support and encourage anyone anxious or experiencing a little difficulty on some parts of the programme, you must be generally able to cope reasonably with the demands of the holiday programme without placing disproportionate demands on either the tour leader or your travelling companions. If the leader reasonably believes that an included walk or activity would be beyond your capability they may require you to not participate in a part or the entire programme.

Also, being responsible for the safety of all group members, he or she may occasionally feel it necessary adopt a more cautious approach than would perhaps be considered reasonable by an individual member of the group.


Free or Rest Days

On most holidays, the tour leader will have one day’s break a week, enabling you to have a ‘free’ day too!


Local Guides

Some holidays, to enhance the local experience, as well as your Ramblers Walking Holidays tour leader we also appoint a local guide to join the group for some or all of the holiday. This is particularly the case on sightseeing or long haul holidays.