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Iconic Italy: Top spots to see when travelling to Italy

Mon, 11 Jul 2022

Take a passage through time and travel to Italy’s iconic landscapes for centuries-old seaside villages, spectacular Dolomite peaks, breathtaking Roman architecture, rolling vineyards and picturesque lakes.

Italy is a nation ideal for travelling: roam the sloping hills of classic Tuscany, bask in the olive sun at Lake Como or discover the little-known charms of quaint Puglia. If you’re spoiled for choice on where to visit, read our travel guide on Italy’s top destinations to decide where to take your next trip.


Admire breathtaking sea views and world-famous archaeological sites on a holiday to the magical Sorrento peninsula. Nourished by the ash of the mighty Mount Vesuvius volcano, this fertile land provides spectacular terrain to explore on foot with flourishing citrus trees, striking pink bougainvillaea, fragrant olive groves, cypress, pines, roses and acres of luscious vineyards. 

Home of Mount Vesuvius, you can explore the perfectly preserved Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum which were destroyed by the eruption of AD 79. Thick layers of ash have protected the city's intricate architecture, community and rich history, offering an unmissable snapshot into Ancient Roman life. Even if you aren’t a history buff, we guarantee travel to Italy’s Sorrento peninsula will take your breath away. 

This spot is best for: those who want to step back in time.

Cinque Terre

Away from the marbled piazzas of city life, travel to Italy’s rural beauty in the Riviera’s Cinque Terre villages. Atop rugged limestone cliffs gaze down to craggy coves where the powerful sea meets this beautiful land. Fishing boats float like corks along the pastel harbourfront, hauling in the fresh catch as they have done each day for generations.  

Sample the region’s culinary specialities: fresh, herbaceous pesto smeared on oven-baked ciabatta and piquant olives accompanied by generous helpings of locally grown wine. From Manarola to Riomaggiore, each charming village boasts pretty, multi-coloured, seafront houses chiselled into the rock. Huddled around cosy Mediterranean bays, these jewel-box houses stack on top of each other like wonky layers of beautiful wedding cake. The unparalleled beauty of these medieval facades standing proudly amongst the stunning Amalfi coast must be seen to be believed. 

This spot is best for: those seeking a little slice of pure paradise. 

The Great Lakes

The stunning waters of Lake Como & Maggiore are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful spots in Italy and the world. The colossal summits of the snow-capped Alps offer spectacular panoramas, framing huge crystal lakes, waterfront villages and enchanting pine forests. Breathe in the crisp mountain air, following tranquil alpine walks through flower-filled meadows to Mergozzo, one of the prettiest lakeside villages in the area. Sip a crisp local wine along the pastel-coloured harbourfront for unrivalled views across the great lake. 

Fall in love with the classic veneer of Hollywood glamour amongst this region’s ornamental gardens, shoreline boutiques and luxury resorts. A favourite holiday destination for the rich and famous, couples have been flocking here since ancient Roman times – it won’t take you long to see why!

This spot is best for: those who desire a classic Italian getaway.

Matera & Alberobello

In the heel of Italy’s boot, you’ll find the time-old beauty of this rustic land. Immortalised in Carlo Levi’s definitive memoir, Christ Stopped at Eboli, the ancient landscape of Matera is famed for its 'Sassi' cave dwellings hewn straight out of the soft, tufa rock. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the caves imbue a sense of old magic here from generations of rural Italian life. Spend a cosy night in the iconic conical-shaped trulli huts for a truly unforgettable experience. 

This spot is best for: those who yearn to get off the beaten track on their travels to Italy.

Classic Tuscany

Follow in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims along winding paths of shady oak, beech and chestnut trees to sleepy hilltop villages steeped in history. Admire stunning Renaissance architecture in the charismatic town of Siena as you explore its 13th-century backstreets to spot the town’s imposing Duomo cathedral. Then, along the Chianti wine trail, sample world-class vintages as you gaze out across the gently rolling hills of this breathtaking region. Watch the Tuscan sun cast its evening glow over a patchwork of luscious vineyards while dining in a traditional taverna to sample the local delicacies. 

This spot is best for: those who travel to Italy for a little indulgence. 

Whether you’re hoping to soak up the Renaissance art in Tuscany or stroll beside the stunning expanse of Italy’s great lakes, we hope you’ll choose to travel with us. Take a look at our walking holidays in Italy and book online today.