Independent Travel

Making Your Own Travel Arrangements

If you'd like to organise your own flights from a non-UK or provincial airport, or travel by rail or car to the holiday centre, ‘land-only’ reductions are often available, although there can be restrictions due to our airline or rail company commitments so please contact our Travel Department for details.

If you do not wish to take our flights or other travel arrangements to and from your holiday please tell us at least 14 weeks before departure. We regret that a change from a booking including flights to a ‘land only’ booking without flights within 14 weeks of departure is NOT available without penalty due to our commitment to the airlines. We'll also need you to confirm to us where you intend to join and leave the group at least 5 weeks before departure.

Delays in Joining Your Holiday

Should you be unable to join your holiday due to the cancellation or delay of your independent flight, please be aware that additional costs and losses involved in meeting up with your chosen tour may not be covered by your airline or insurance policy.

Although we will make every attempt to minimise your losses in these circumstances, we would not be able to absorb the cost of any cancellation charges or additional costs.

In the event of strikes, although we will endeavour to offer reasonable assistance, our ability to assist you may be limited when there are delays on your return journey to the UK.


Independent Connecting Flights

We strongly recommend that you do not finalise any connecting travel arrangements before you have checked with us, and especially not earlier than 3 months before your intended date of travel. There may be onerous cancellation terms on pre-booked connecting flights, ferry crossings or hotel bookings and we cannot accept liability for these if they become unusable due to changes in flight schedules or holiday itineraries. Nor can we accept responsibility for the consequences of any cancellation of independently booked travel or accommodation arrangements.

Should you plan to buy your own domestic connecting flights to meet up with our party at their point of departure from the UK, please contact us before finalising your arrangements.


Transfers to and from the Hotel

Please note that unless otherwise specified airport transfers are not included for those making their own independent travel arrangements. It is your responsibility to make your own arrangements to get to the hotel where the holiday starts.

Should you wish to travel with the main party either from or back to the overseas airport, please contact us in good time prior to your departure.

Please note however that any complimentary transfer offered for those making their own independent travel arrangements, on arrival or departure, will be based on the transfer vehicle serving our London flight arrival. You should also note that flight schedules are subject to change and we cannot accept any responsibility for you being unable to join a complimentary transfer in the event of your independently booked flight or our group flight arrival or departure times changing.

If you wish to join our transfer vehicle from the airport to our hotel, please also ensure that you book your flight to the same overseas airport as our group. Cities such as Rome and New York are served by more than one airport; we don’t want you to wait at the wrong one!


Cancellations or Changes

If you are unable to join your holiday due to the cancellation or delay of your independent flight or other travel arrangement or your travel documents being invalid, we cannot accept any responsibility for any consequent loss or additional cost.

Travel schedules do sometimes change! Should our travel times change so that you will need to revise your outward travel arrangements and overnight in the UK prior to your holiday, or return home to the UK too late to continue your journey home, we cannot accept responsibility for the cost of overnight accommodation.


Group Visa Arrangements

On holidays involving the party travelling on a group visa, if you are making your own travel arrangements and not checking-in for travel with the main party, it will be necessary for you to make your own independent visa arrangements which may involve additional cost and lengthy visa application procedures.

Should your holiday involve travel under a group visa arrangement and you arrive at the UK departure airport too late to travel with the group, you may not be permitted to board a later flight or gain entry to your destination country.