Four Faces of Ethiopia in Comfort

Ethiopia or Abyssinia as it is otherwise known delivers the magnificence of the Simien Mountains and nights in the highest lodge in Africa, wildlife and monasteries of Lake Tana, plus rock churches of Lalibela.


  • Ethiopia

  • 12 nights (Land Only: 10 nights)

  • Pioneer


  • 4th Apr 2021 – 16th Apr 2021

  • See website for other dates

Tour code: 48470

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Last Modified: 18th October 2020

Holiday Highlights

See what's planned

  • Spend four nights in the Simien Lodge; the highest lodge in Africa.
  • Explore the rock churches and surrounding area of Lalibela on foot.
  • Visit the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa; see the 3.2-million-year-old fossil called Lucy.
  • Enjoy a walk around Lake Tana, visit monasteries and wander around the market in Bahir Dar.
  • Visit a monastery in the foothills around Addis Ababa with a short walk down the mountainside.
  • Walk along different sections in the Simien Mountains for incredible views of the ‘Roof of Africa’.
  • See local wildlife such as hippopotamus, ibex and Gelada monkeys.
  • Local guides throughout for expert knowledge and country insights.

Our holiday walking grades


Grade 4 Sightseeing

Full and half day walks at a moderate pace over hilly terrain. Half day walks will probably involve about 3 hours of walking, with full day walks having around 5 hours. Expect ascents and descents of up to 600m. Some days of this holiday will be dedicated solely to sightseeing (or include an element of sightseeing). To enhance your experience, a knowledgeable local guide will accompany your small group for part (or the majority) of the holiday.